Healthcare Policy 101: Simple Definition, Types, and Advantages

Healthcare is one of the most regulated professions/services by all and sundry. Hospitals and facilities put in place very stringent policies to dictate how, when, and where health care should be administered. Governments carry the greater obligation to register rules, laws, and regulations through constitutionally-approved parliaments, courts, ministries, agencies, and departments. Healthcare policies are composite. […]

Nursing Process Made Easy: A Practical Approach for New Nurses

The acronym ADPIE is perhaps the most recited in nursing school. It stands for Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. This is the nursing process, which is defined as a systematic plan based on patient-centered and evidenced-based care, administered to a patient to attain health success. The nursing process is fragmented into five steps as […]

Nursing Theory Made Easy: 20+ Theories Explained

The advent of increased interests in nursing education around 1800 AD paved way for a multitude of suggestions and ideas as to how the field and profession of nursing can be better defined, taught, and practiced. These needs gave birth to over 20 verified theories in the field of nursing, the first one being Florence […]

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