Exploring the Most Common Mental Disorders and How to Cope

For the simple reason that there are uncountable mental disorders in existence, this article would go to lengths and still not manage to mention all psychological/psychiatric conditions. There are statistically about 450 recorded mental disorders, which can be grouped into major categories i.e. mood, anxiety, neurodevelopmental, post-traumatic stress, and psychotic disorders. Mood Disorders Majority of […]

Bitcoin’s Game-Changing Features You Need to Know

In October 2008, a white paper was released of a new form of global currency by an author who would become a mystery to many for over a decade – Satoshi Nakamoto. The white paper vehemently broke the internet, but the major seismic quake has over time been felt in the financial world.  Satoshi’s Bitcoin […]

Offshoring Vs Outsourcing Labor: How To Differentiate

O Globalization has turned international trade upside-down, dislocating and redefining the various aspects of production, distribution, and most catastrophically, labor. Through globalization, businesses like E-bay and Amazon realize huge sales across the world, from Africa to Asia, and Europe, while the parent company remains domiciled in the USA.  One child of globalization is offshoring, which […]

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