AP Exams Schedule: Useful Information for New Class of 2024

2024 ap exams schedule

AP exams schedule spans two weeks from May 6-17 in the year 2024 – this is the new information from the College Board, the oversight body in charge of AP exams in America and elsewhere. 

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This blog will take you through the key events as we draw closer to the big day – May 6, 2024, when you finally get to sit for your AP exams.

Big Day It is: Importance of Sitting for the AP Exams

While AP is not compulsory in most schools, taking the course is worth a treasure after high school. 

  • University Placement – AP stands for Advanced Placement, which outrightly tells you what it is. AP is a placement exam/course recognized by universities across the world. Actually, AP is more preferred when you’re looking to study abroad, as you could use the credits to land a slot in giant universities across the world. For locals it’s even better, as American universities give immense privilege to AP- certified students among other goodies as you’ll see below.
  • University/college Credits – Universities across the United States and select destinations accept AP qualification for a significant number of credits. Students who take AP in high school, therefore, spend less time in university or college. AP subjects are superior and almost equivalent to courses offered by universities. Normally, colleges award 3 credits minimum for every AP exam taken. When these credits stack up together you end up spending less time and money in college/university.
  • More Knowledge/Skills Acquisition – Before any other objective, any form of education is meant to expand your knowledge base. The more you study and – as you do in AP – and sit for an exam, your knowledge expands to greater lengths. Sitting for the AP exams demonstrates your proficiency in the various fields of knowledge.
  • A better edge to select your major – High school exams may not spell out your strengths and give you a better edge to filter out your passions versus what you are actually good at.

If you have completed the 1 year taking AP, it would make more sense to take the exam after that. The course is also offered in the final year of highschool, and you may not have another chance to take the exam once you finish college.

AP Exams Schedule for the Class of 2024

2024 ap exams schedule

The 2024 AP exams schedule has been released, and here it is from start to end.

The 2024 AP exams will be administered for two weeks between May 7 and May 13. 

Schools are not allowed to test for these exams earlier than the stipulated dates and times, but there is an allowance to sit for the exams at a later stage. Check the College Board website for the 2024 AP exams late-testing schedule.

Exams are administered in two sessions during the day; first session starting 8am and the second session starting 12.pm in the afternoon.  Each exam session takes 2-4 hours depending on the nature of the course.

Week 1Morning Session8.amAfternoon Session12.pm
Monday May 6United States Government and PolicyArt History
Tuesday May 7Human Geography
Wednesday May 8English Literature and CompositionComparative Government and Politics
Computer Science A 
Thursday May 9Chinese Language and Culture
Environmental Science
Friday May 10European History
United States History
Spanish Literature and Culture
Week 2Morning Session8.am Afternoon Session12.pm
Monday May 13Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Italian Language and Culture
Tuesday May 14English Language and CompositionAfrican American Studies
Physics C: Mechanics
Wednesday May 15French Language and Culture
World History: Modern
Computer Science Principles
Music Theory
Thursday May 16Spanish Language and CultureBiology
Japanese Language and Culture
Friday May 17German Language and Culture
Physics 1: Algebra-Based
Physics 2: Algebra- Based

Note that the exam Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism will be administered on Tuesday May, 2024 from 2.pm in the afternoon – The latest the exam can be offered is 3.pm the same day. All other regulations on early and late testing are as stipulated for other exams.

For Art and Design, Friday May 10, 2024 8.pm (E.T) is the deadline for AP Arts and Design to submit their final portfolio components in the AP Digital Portfolio.

AP African American Studies Exam Pilot: For the 2024 AP Exam administration, only schools that are participating in the 2023-24 AP African American Studies Exam Pilot can order and administer the exam.

AP Seminar end-of-course exams are only available to students taking AP seminar at a school participating in the AP Capstone Diploma Program.

AP has set April 30th as the deadline for submission of AP Seminar and AP Research performance tasks.

April 30th is also the deadline for submission of Create performance tasks for AP Computer Science Principles students.

The AP exams schedule is arguably the most critical of all, but doesn’t deduct the significance of other events in the run-up to the May 2024 exams. Take a look at a simplified version of important dates for AP students in the 2024 academic year.

AP 2023-2024 Important Dates (For Students)

ap exams 2023-2024 important dates

August – September [1st Week of School] – Create Class Sections and Share Joining Codes

AP coordinators/ teachers create class sections and share joining codes with students. Immediately after students should use these codes to join their preferred courses and begin classes. 

Students join and take classes in My AP, a digital learning platform provided by the college board for E-learning.

August – September [1st Week of School] – Start AP Classes

Having received joining codes for their respective classes, students access the AP resources at My AP to commence classes immediately. 

Teachers provide relevant AP Daily videos and topic questions in their instructions as part of the AP classes.

October – December Continue Using AP Resources

Classes continue, as teachers introduce progress checks. These are milestones to guide students as they continue to use the AP Daily videos and topic questions. 

January 2024 – Second Semester Begins

Activities enter the home stretch of AP 2023-2024. This is the semester for exams.

Teachers/coordinators create new class sections and generate joining codes for courses that begin in January.

January – April Continue Using AP Resources

Students are engaged in a prolonged learning session to study AP Daily videos and topic checks. Progress checks will also come in handy, both for continuation of 1st semester units and for units begun in the second semester.

January 18 – Deadline to Submit Accommodation Requests for Students with Disabilities

This is the deadline for SSD coordinators to submit accommodation requests for special exams for students with disabilities and supporting documentation (if needed) through SSD Online.

Students who are successfully approved for special exams for the disabled are beneficiaries of assistive technology exam formats such as braille, human assistants to dictate questions and record responses, extended time, and extra breaks according to disabilities in question.

You can check the entire process for documentation of students with disabilities at the official AP page.

May 6-10 AP Exams Begin, Week 1

The AP exams schedule spans two weeks, starting May 6. The first week of the exam witnesses two exam sessions each day; a morning one, and the second one starting at 12.pm. 

May 13 – 17 AP Exams Enter Week 2

The second exam week features a similar routine as the first. Students, teachers, and administrators gang up for the final interaction in the AP program.

Note that it is during this week when students sit for the Physics 2: Electricity and Magnetism exam, administered on Tuesday May 14, 2024 from 2.pm.

June 20 – Deadline for Using Free Scores

AP offers free scores – an opportunity for students to send their AP scores to universities/colleges of their choice. Students can use the free scores to send any AP scores from previous exams to land a placement at the university, or to get credits. 

While June 20 is the deadline for using free scores, students can send their results any other time – only that it won’t be free.

July – AP Scores Come Out

Some time in July, after exams have been completed two months prior, AP releases final and official exam results to students.

At this point results are ready for everyone, and students can now send their scores to universities/colleges for consideration, or to earn credits.

The access schedule for 2024 AP exams is not available, but will be up in the spring of 2024.

Study Tips and Preparation

Preparation is key to success on AP exams. Here are some study tips to help you excel:

  • Start early: Begin your review well in advance to cover all the material.
  • Use official materials: Utilize official AP exam resources, such as practice tests and review guides.
  • Create a study schedule: Plan your study time to cover all subjects and allocate extra time for challenging topics.
  • Seek help: Don’t hesitate to reach out to your teachers, join study groups, or use online forums for support.

Test-Day Guidelines

2024 ap exams test-day guidelines

On exam day, make sure you arrive at the testing center on time. You’ll need to bring your valid ID, admission ticket, No. 2 pencils, and other required materials. Review the AP Student Exam Day Checklist for a comprehensive list of what to bring and what not to bring.

AP is a globally-accepted placement program, recognized by universities in more than 60 countries across the world. An alternative program battles it out. It is the IB program which gives you an equally higher chance to ace a university placement. Read about IB here.

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