IB Vs AP: Expert Opinion on the Best Option 2023

Both are placement programs, but take different formats and for different situations. People who take AP have a reason – probably because they are Americans. Those who take IB too have their own reasons which we will break down in this blog. The IB vs AP duel suffices mostly in the US, along with Canada, […]

AP Exams Schedule: Useful Information for New Class of 2024

AP exams schedule spans two weeks from May 6-17 in the year 2024 – this is the new information from the College Board, the oversight body in charge of AP exams in America and elsewhere.  This blog will take you through the key events as we draw closer to the big day – May 6, […]

Caregiver Burnout: How to Prevent and Manage Stress

Caregivers are faced with one major challenge – and that is emotional fatigue from attending to people they love and want to care for. Burnout is detrimental to caregiving as when interest fades the care receiver may not get the right care.  What is a caregiver? Former first lady Rosalynn Carter was quoted;  “there are […]

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