SynonymsBecause And Because Of

Because And Because Of Synonyms

SynonymsBecause And Because Of

Explanations are an important aspect of writing. As a result, authors frequently employ the conjunctions “because” and “because of” to clarify relationships. These are primarily used to give explanations or arguments. There are, however, other words to use instead of because that provide the same stylistic role.

This term is used to change the course of action. In other words, ‘because of’ is used to explain why something is done. This article provides a list of words to use instead of because that can be used in writing your essays.

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Because: Meaning and Application

Because; it introduces cause and reason clauses, it is a conjunction of subordination. This signifies that the clause it introduces is a subordinate clause that requires the main clause to finish. When the subordinate clause appears before the main phrase, we use a comma.

Words to replace Because And Because Of 

This word serves as a preposition in the phrase and is frequently followed by a clause that somewhat offsets the preceding action.

  • Sue, for example, lost her lover due to jealousy.
  • For example, how many pitching stars have been impacted by weather delays?
  • Select appropriate alternative options to clarify matters and eliminate unnecessary repeats.

How To Start a Sentence Without Because

Sometimes it may be a hard task to start your sentence without the word because but it is not impossible. Here are some words you can use to start your sentences instead of the word because:

1. Out of -This is used to explain feelings and emotions.

2. As – This proposition was widely used by writers instead of “because” or “because of.” It’s a close but secondary synonym for “because.”

For example, because they lacked wings, the strangers could not fly away, and if they leaped from such a height, they would certainly die.

3. As a result – This describes the outcomes and consequences.

e.g., He passed the test because of his high-test scores.

4. As long as – This signifies that if the action that has already occurred or will occur in the future is true, then the second action is also true.

5. Considering that – This phrase has the same meaning as the word “as long as.”

 6. From due to – This is the same as saying “as a result of,” and it serves as a preposition. It is commonly used to replace the phrase “because of.” It is used to describe why an action occurred or did not occur.

7. For – The following preposition is mostly employed in poetry, but its meaning is identical to “because” and “because of.”

8. From – This is used to describe feelings and emotions.

9. Due to – This has the same meaning as “because of.” Both alternatives are more formal than “because” and “because of.”

10. Since that – This is synonymous with the phrase “considering that.”

Since – This is a formal and secondary synonym for “because.” It mostly represents the execution time. As a result, its temporal and causal meanings are frequently misconstrued.

11. Thank you – Despite its ambiguous meaning, this expression might indicate either a favorable or bad outcome, e.g., I’m much stronger and healthier now, thanks to my fitness coach.

This term is used to explain emotions or feelings

Other because synonyms

  • As a consequence of
  • On account of
  • Owing to
  • After
  • by means of
  • by reason of
  • by virtue of
  • following
  • for the sake of
  • in the wake of
  • given
  • on grounds of
  • thanks to
  • on the strength of
  • through
  • with
  • based on
  • in view of

Follow these simple guidelines. They will assist you to make good use of because and because of synonyms:

  • improve the content
  • improve its readability
  • make the text more effective and focused

Remember to always make your writing language diverse. This will demonstrate to your teacher that you are an experienced and competent writer. It is usually a good idea to have unique materials with well-versed formulations.

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