Research Topics in English Literature

Literature Research Paper Topics Complete Guide

The influence of books on our lives cannot be overstated. We had to study a lot of books on different topics during our university studies and write several activities and essays. Teachers frequently assign their pupils the responsibility of doing a literary analysis. What might be simpler? But a lot of people begin to stop only after selecting a topic. There is a large body of literature, as well as several topics. In addition, it is simple to become confused in them. So, for your benefit, we have selected the best literature research paper ideas. Continue reading to discover your ideal research paper topics and how to write your ideal document.

What is Literature Research?

Clarify the idea of literature research before choosing topics in order to comprehend the main goal, structure, and characteristics of writing this kind of job.

The student must first take into account the author’s perspective, the reader’s perception of his imagery, and their personification as the main characters of the issues of the moment.

The work’s stylistic and semantic components should then be examined. For novice students, rhythm, speech style, and compositional elements are frequently challenging. To be certain of its quality, to receive a high grade, and to have a sample for the future, we advise buying literature reviews online.

The learner is next required to evaluate the text. Share your thoughts on the book’s major events, their importance, and how they affected the plot’s future development.

Tips on How to Select the Best Literature Research Paper Topic?

It’s common to feel overloaded with impressions and ideas after reading a work, making it difficult to decide on literature research paper subjects. To help students choose the greatest literature study subjects for their papers, we provide the following plan:

1. Distinguish from the work’s basic topic and look for subjects that are not immediately clear. Older students who desire to differentiate themselves from their colleagues as well as write academically sound papers will find this advice to be extremely helpful. When writing theses or dissertations, this question frequently comes up. Continue reading if you were wondering: “How to write an excellent literature review for dissertation with an interesting topic.”

2. Pick 3–4 things that interest you the most in literature. Research paper writing can take several weeks. So be sure that you want to come back to this activity at all times.

3. Decide on a subject in which you have confidence. Each of us possesses knowledge in both our strong and weak areas. Take advantage of this and select a subject that you understand more thoroughly than others.

Selecting Literary Research Topics

A good writer is the first step in any literary research paper assistance. Even after carefully reading a text, it may still be challenging for you to narrow your choices down to a subject that truly excites you.

Do your literary research topics cause you any concern? I have a list of well-liked literary study topics that can be used for virtually any literary work you come across.

Personal Roles

Personal roles include things like occupation, family, gender, and socioeconomic status. Traditional gender and family roles are adapted in a narrative. One character in your novel may hold a unique position and be able to offer commentary on other people’s lives due to his line of work. In your work, either a member of the working class or a group of nobility can be very important. Additionally, it would be advisable to consider the circumstances under which the characters you select would fit into the established roles.

Traditions & Customs

It would be important to understand that few literary works are really old in order to choose a decent theme. Therefore, it would be advisable to devote time to learning the customs described in the book you choose. Try to comprehend the social norms that the culture of that location and time suggests. Additionally, efforts should be made to investigate how these customs have harmed the characters.


Symbols can be things, behaviors, teams, or individuals. Try to comprehend the precise function these things are trying to fulfill and the meaning they are trying to express when you encounter an erratic image in texts or characters.


Emotions include things like love, joy, hope, wrath, and hate. Emotions appear in literature on occasion. Therefore, it is important to comprehend how these emotions affect the story’s characters.

Personality traits

Character qualities can be both positive and negative. Kindness, tenacity, fortitude, and bravery are examples of positive character traits, while lust, sloth, arrogance, and selfishness are negative ones. Few stories portray the heroes as having exclusively positive character attributes, whereas the villains are only shown to have negative ones. The author typically complicates the situation; he either assigns the hero a serious weakness or paints the villain with a redeeming quality.

You should analyze these anomalies in just one character, or you can even explore how the personalities of two or three characters contrast or work together to create an excellent literary work.

Cultural and Historical

It would be wise for you to choose literary study themes that would examine society as a whole if you wanted to write a fantastic literary essay. The fundamental nature of a character or their specific place in society should not be examined.

I’ve selected a few topics below to help you comprehend this category:

1. What was life like in ancient Greece like while Homer was writing the Odyssey?

2. What was Victorian England really like?


Are you a senior or a student in a higher grade? The most appropriate choice for you would be to write a theoretical literacy essay. It is simple to use a theoretical model and apply it to a certain philosophical school of thought. A few examples of critical thinking literary research themes that can be used by seniors or any other upper-grade students include Marxism, Ecocriticism, and deconstructionism.

What is Next?

Look over the aforementioned requirements and select the subject that applies to you the most. Focus on choosing a topic that would interest you rather than picking one because you assume it will be popular with others.

Never make the error of picking a difficult subject in the hopes that it would impress others. If the complexity of the topic is beyond your level, your research will be ruined. So, put your attention first on impressing yourself, and then move on to impressing others.

Things to Keep in Mind

Having trouble selecting themes for your literary analysis? I’ve outlined a few key elements below that will aid you in selecting the best topic for your research paper.

1. Write down every idea that comes to mind for a theme. Mark the topics you don’t find interesting with a cross. Once you are down to two or three subjects, start with some prewriting exercises.

2. Create questions for each of the themes that made the short list, then decide which one comes out as more fascinating and natural.

3. Consider whether any of these concepts could be changed to serve as a solid topic for your research report.

4. Talk to your lecturer about the study subjects that made the cut. It’s probable that your professor has studied these resources more than once and can give you the right advice in this regard.

Few Actions

Present the list to your professor so that he may aid you in determining the benefits and drawbacks of a topic and in making an appropriate decision.

Before beginning the investigation, carefully choose your thesis, the subject, and the position you want to take. This increases the likelihood that your work will be original, and it decreases the likelihood that you would steal an idea from someone else.

Literary Research Topics for High School

We advise college students to buy college research papers from experts to be on the safe side if they need to do an assignment but don’t know how to accomplish it or don’t have time. Additionally, we’ve provided 10 of them below for individuals who want to view examples of literature subjects for research papers:

1. Examples from medieval ballads show self-sacrifice as a sign of either cowardice or bravery.

2. Miguel de Cervantes’ don Quixote: social identity: the main character’s madness as a model of humanistic views

3. William Shakespeare’s “painful love” plot as an illustration of the ideal emotional experience

4. Comparative analysis of lady Macbeth and its historical prototype

5. The Catholic Church’s representation in Dante Alighieri’s “divine comedy”

6. Why are Ernest Hemingway’s works still vital to the advancement of contemporary society?

7. How Aztec mythology affected American prose’s literary traditions

8. How African Americans helped shape the “white invader” image in 20th- and 21st-century books

9. Renaissance literature provides examples of Viking beliefs and their echoes in European literature.

10. Can an artificial universal language be made? How will literature be affected?

Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

When studying in college, students must write original and interesting papers that set them apart from their peers. Check out this list of fascinating literary ideas if you want to write a paper that will wow your classmates and teacher.

1. How do writers depict madness in their works?

2. Victorian literature and its strange features: stylistic, compositional, and structural aspects

3. The Arabic verse system’s contribution to world poetry: beyts, rudakis, and rubai poems

4. Character analysis of the protagonists in Moliere’s “the nobleman”: the key qualities of classical heroes

5. The evolution of speech in history and how renaissance authors used it in their works

6. The Catholic Church’s influence on middle ages literature and writing

7. Discuss the structural and compositional design of works, stylistic elements, and metaphorical images in Indian literature.

8. Using examples from contemporary works, describe the systems of images and behavior patterns of the main characters in west vs. East (optional)

9. The policy of imperialism and its impact on literary diversity in North American countries

The main difficulties students face when studying literary discourse. How should i approach them? Personal opinion

Literacy Research Topics for Debate

When everything has been extensively examined and analyzed, finding essay themes can be challenging. Additionally, students should keep in mind that they should build their literature review topics from the very first sentence of the introduction to the very last sentence of the research paper’s conclusion. We have compiled a list of literary research paper ideas that are both interesting to you and interesting to the audience.

1. Examining the parallels and differences between religion and literature

2. Literature and psychology. Are the goals of psychology book authors to benefit society? Do you have a financial plan?

3. War and peace: idealization of violence by giving the main characters humanity or hedonism even in dark times?

4. Printed books vs. Screen adaptations: a never-ending battle of preferences or ignorance of contemporary reality?

5. The function of literary studies theory in practical methods for examining and analyzing medieval novels

6. Are writings found on papyrus, cave walls, or stone tablets considered the forerunners of modern literature? With and without

7. Is there a direct connection between the culture of mass consumption and its impact on decreased book circulation?

8. The main principles and canons of postmodern poetry. Are they real?

9. Francesco Petrarch’s works: examples of how prose can compete with poetry in lyricism

10. Do ancient myths and legends have an impact on contemporary literature? Proof through example.

British Literary Research Topics

There are many different themes to delve into in English literature. Because of this, it can be challenging for many students to think of intriguing British literature study subjects. As a result, our staff provides you with some interesting and original topics for English literature research papers that you can use as a starting point or source of inspiration:

1. Roman literary canon connections and influence in ancient literature in Britain

2. Knights Templar literature: myth or reality?

3. How was the change in religion reflected in literature during the reign of king henry viii in British literature?

4. Dirk board: a biography and contribution to the British literary tradition

5. Were William Shakespeare’s tragedies a product of his time or did he have misogynistic views?

6. Rudyard Kipling is the sixth British writer to win the Nobel Prize. Outstanding works and the author’s creative journey

7. Oscar wilder’s “the picture of Dorian gray” as the legalization of humanity’s “low” desires

8. George Byron’s European contemporaries and colleagues and Byronism

9. Why did sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective novels displace his plays and poems?

10. A realistic novel set in Europe. Daniel Dafoe’s contribution to the development of this genre.

Most Popular Literacy Research Topics

1. Modern forms of copyright in the information age.

2. Examining how religion and literature interact.

3. From an American perspective, the cultural influences on literature.

4. The influence of literature on societal morals.

5. The significance of women writers in literature.

6. Themes important to British literature.

7. How do visuals affect textual literature?

8. Early works of traditional American literature.

9. A challenge was found during the useful literature review.

10. Literature from many European nations.

High-Standard Literacy Research Topics

1. The greatest work of literature ever produced.

2. Notable female authors.

3. Speaking about Don Quixote’s character.

4. A thorough examination of European literature.

5. Critical Analysis of the European Middle Ages.

6. The requirements for Irish poetry.

7. Evaluate and contrast European and American classical literature.

8. The most significant societal issues of the modern era.

9. What part does race play in literature?

10. The requirements for travelling internationally right now.

Unique and Fresh Ideas of Literary Research Topics

1. Illustrating urban life and development

2. The changes made to poetry and narrative since 1900.

3. Literary journalism from Africa.

4. Literary journalism: The rites of adulthood.

5. The function names serve in children’s literature.

Oliver Twist said what about individualism?

7. Lost in the Funhouse: Fictional significance.

8. How may reading help a child’s imagination grow?

9. The function of artificial language in literary works.

10. Negative effects of ignorance in fiction.

Unforgettable Literary Research Topics

1. The importance of imagery in poetry from World War I.

2. John Milton’s “Sonnet on His Blindness” (Key Theme).

3. The advent of detective fiction in British writing.

4. How do the soul and sin relate to one another?

5. The importance of unwavering love in the poetry world.

6. The impact of conflict and peace on poetry.

7. Gaining knowledge of comfort in death.

8. The role of humor in Western literature.

9. Do you consider literature to be Western literature?

10. Discuss the meaning of the “American dream” in literature.

Unbelievable Literary Research Topics

1. What does the literary term “stream of consciousness” mean?

2. Should literature be gendered, in your opinion?

3. Comparison of works from the dystopian and utopian genres.

4. How would you rank the literary representation of feminism?

5. Assess the role that clichés have in literature.

6. Describe Byronic literary personalities.

7. Go into further detail on the languages used in the text.

8. Examine 20th-century Japanese literature.

9. Describe cultural creation in relation to Latino authors.

10. Discover Ernest Hemingway’s best-known work.

11. What do you mean by literary madness?

12. A city’s lifestyle has changed since 1900.

13. The use of English in literary works with African themes.

14. How does leadership function in literature?

15. Assess the techniques employed to develop the styles in the literature.

Literary Research Topics you can’t ignore

1. Examine how Asian theater has influenced Western writing.

2. Do you believe that literature has changed in any way from the past to the present?

3. How might a country’s linguistic diversity affect its development?

4. Describe the connection between music and revolution.

5. The language’s provocation of national development

6. The difference between linguistic theories and grammatical theories.

7. Talk about the communication tools employed in the literary world.

8. The value of sentence form in writing.

9. In Victorian literature, societal norms and individual happiness are contrasted.

10. Examining the use of words in literature.

Learning more Literary Research Topics

1. The influence of a person’s native language on their decision to learn a second language.

2. Problems that may arise when learning a second language.

3. The literary effects of music, dance, rituals, and songs.

4. What are the grammatical problems with English usage?

5. The impact of poetic language on communication.

6. Can literature be said to as a social change agent?

7. How does society affect kids’ literary performance?

8. Taking literary lessons and strengths to heart.

9. Analysis of American literature after World War II

10. Anne Bradstreet’s literary contributions to American literature.

11. Examining the recurring motifs in American literary works.

12. Literary examples of dialects and death.

13. The growth of societal greatness.

14. The literary relevance of American Sign Language.

15. Discussing the masculine and female characters in Beowulf.

American Literature Research Topics

Teachers frequently urge students to conduct research on a specific work of American literature. This is a challenging undertaking because there are so many conflicting currents, directions, and authors. The top 10 American literature research paper themes have been created by our experts so that you can write an essay that will wow your professor.

1. The contribution of African American literature to the modern literary tradition

2. Literature from colonial America. Did the Native Americans of America have a literary culture?

3. The American literary style’s individuality in the world’s literary heritage

4. Regional differences in the American use of stylistic techniques

5. Analysis of a selected piece: Benjamin franklin and his address to the European theme

6. Puritan rhetorical legacy and its application in works based on “founding myths of the united states”

7. What novelty arose in American authors’ literature during the American renaissance?

8. The impact of feminism on the representation of women in contemporary American literature

9. The top 10 works of American literature that never attained international notoriety

10. The impact of printed media on American literature in the 1980s.

World Literature Research Paper Topics

Finding a perfectly shaped grain of sand on the seashore is analogous to selecting one topic of interest from all of world literature. To make your life easier, we have chosen the greatest topics for your literary research paper.

1. The spirit of denude in literature in Spanish

2. Comparative features of post-independence Indian literature with the past

3. Japanese literature’s influence on contemporary Asian and European literature

4. Analysis of the main ideological values and their application in plots in western and eastern literature

5. Social stratification and self-identification of Indians on the example of Gregory David Roberts’ “shantaram”

6. Main characteristics of Mexican contemporary literature derived from American literature

7. Drawing attention to the issue of violence in contemporary authors’ works in American literature

8. Can we stop the process of “underground” authors being replaced by mass literature?

9. The influence of poetry on prose in Arab literary discourse

10. Was Hercules poirot confused or clever in Agatha Christie’s the murder on the orient express?

Best Literary Research Topics for the University Students

1. The impact of digital media on established literary genres.

2. The impact of reading habits on the creation of literature.

3. Examining the difficulties facing the publishing sector.

4. The impact of digital media on the use and sharing of literary resources.

5. How might reading help you win over the intellectual types?

6. The connections and parallels between fables and real-world narratives

7. How are sexual assault and domestic abuse depicted in books and short stories?

8. Raymond Carver’s stories about violence against women

9. How have technological advances impacted world literature?

10. The effects of literature on the advancement of society, politics, and the judicial system

Modernist Literature Research Paper Topics

Every aspect of human existence was impacted by modernism, including the way that nations are governed, changes to labor laws, as well as the fields of music, the visual arts, and literature. This age in literary history is one of the most perplexing and fascinating at the same time. For this reason, our team has chosen the top 10 modernist-era research subjects for students.

1. Tiffany style: a comprehensive overview of specific details

2. Theoretical elements of the emergence of liberty style in Italy

3. P. Ranson and the art nouveau style: novel compositional aspects

4. “stream of consciousness” and the modernists’ representation of new forms of the human psyche

5. The p.bonner works’ universalization of artistic techniques

7. “philosophy of order” in the utopian idea of the way of life in American literature 6. “jugend-shtil”: special details of trivial everyday life

8. Examine the subject’s internal freedom on a more in-depth level than his internal isolation.

9. Contemporary American literature favors creative intuition over classical canons

10. Metalanguage and myth-making: the development of a new literary genre

General Literature Research Topics

Finding the perfect topic for a literature research paper can take a lot of time. You’ll find some of the top literature research topics in this area.

1. Examine literary depictions of the American dream.

2. What links exist between religion and literature?

3. Talk about the literary genre known as “stream of consciousness.”

4. Consider literary works that use artificial languages.

5. How is mythology described in books?

6. Talk about how Harry Potter got to be so well-liked.

7. Is the gendering of literature a good idea?

8. Compare and contrast literature that is utopian and dystopian.

9. Talk about Shakespeare’s works.

10. Do you think there is a basis for feminist literature? How would you rank it?

11. Assess Shakespeare’s contributions and their influence.

12. Is fan fiction recognized as a distinct genre of literature?

13. How do clichés function in literary works?

14. How do Byronic figures in literature fare?

15. Dissect the advantages and disadvantages of literature study.

16. Writing produced during World War I

17. Discuss George Orwell’s portrayal of war and peace.

 Interesting Literature Research Paper Topics

Did you know there are fascinating literary subjects? They discuss the development of literature and how it has changed over time. It can be difficult to come up with literature research paper themes, so here are some more ideas.

1. How are irony and sarcasm defined in literature?

2. How can literature be considered a propaganda tool?

3. Talk about crazy in books.

4. The literary impact of cunning characters.

5. Talk about the history of 20th-century travel writing.

6. Consider verse and narrative meter since 1900.

7. How have urban lifestyles evolved since 1900?

8. Assess literature in the context of contemporary culture.

9. How do societal issues in literature come to light?

10. The connection between psychology and literature.

11. The literary impact of European culture in the Midwest.

12. The variations in literature among various nations.

13. How European culture has influenced contemporary literature.

14. Feminism’s influence on contemporary culture.

15. Assess 20th-century Japanese literature.

Amazing Literature Research Paper Topics

This category contains a wide range of literature research topics that you can choose from. You will achieve high marks if your research paper is well-written.

1. What would you classify as Latina writers’ cultural production?

2. Talk about how ethics is portrayed in literature.

3. Examine literary examples of the American dream.

4. Assess the notable writings of Ernest Hemingway.

5. Discuss the fictional languages used in literature.

6. Why do you believe “Harry Potter” has gained such a following?

7. How is the character of death portrayed in literature?

8. The effect of literature on young people.

9. Does literature have a proper gender?

10. Assess the works of Victorian literature.

11. Go into more detail about William Shakespeare’s entire body of work.

12. Examine whether fanfiction qualifies as original literature.

13. Which literary figures are the most Byronic?

14. In literature, elaborate irony against sarcasm.

15. In what ways may literature be utilized to spread propaganda?

Best Literature Research Paper Topics

This group of research paper topics allows you to connect one phenomenon to another. Additionally, they are based on a few well-known books. When considering literary research paper ideas, take into account your level of expertise and passion for the subject.

1. How psychology and literature are related.

2. How is social identity being created?

3. How would you characterize the wilderness and settler nationhood in North American poetry?

4. Why is geography important to poets?

5. Assess travel writing from the 20th and 21st centuries.

6. Animals’ influence on children’s literature.

7. Assess the value of comedy in children’s books.

8. Talk about the top children’s books published in 1900.

9. What role does disability play in young adult literature?

10. How can reading to young children help them form relationships and use their imaginations?

11. Assess contemporary fiction and psychology.

12. Describe the boundaries between the disciplines of English literature and archaeology.

13. Assess the novel and science of the 19th century.

14. Discuss the role that history has in understanding contemporary literature.

15. What role does philosophy have in literature.

English Literature Research Paper Topics

It focuses on how different novels, masterpieces, or books are produced to explain a particular phenomenon in English literature. These literary topics are good places to start:

1. Assess the strategies used to teach English literature.

2. Look into English-translated modern Indian literature.

3. Assess the analysis of English literature and the work of women writers.

4. Look into how the Bible has influenced English literature.

5. Consider how the Classics have influenced literature.

6. Describe the range of English literature in human education.

7. Describe Darwin’s impact on literature.

8. Describe the literature of medieval England.

9. Research feminism and women’s studies in India.

10. Consider the Norton Anthology of the English Language’s brief history.

11. Assess the research on the English Renaissance.

12. Research middle English studies’ medieval feminism.

13. Assess the representation of women in Indian English literature.

14. Talk about feminism and contemporary Indian writing.

15. Talk on how English has changed in North America.

Literature Research Paper Topics You Can Discuss Right Now

Literature requires complete focus to understand a certain subject. To make it simpler for you to complete your college project, we have simplified the themes.

1. Discuss the male melodrama that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

2. What impact did the Black Lives Matter movement have on black literature?

3. Assess the current refugee literature.

4. Examine the literature on postcolonialism and climate change.

5. Talk about Tagore Gora as a prism through which to see tradition and modernity.

6. Examine the relationship between pre- and post-independence literature in India.

7. The significance of African literary critiques of racism

8. The homosexuality literature.

9. The value of literature in the contemporary environment.

10. The development of feminism in the 20th century.

11. The impact of fairy tales on how people perceive the world today.

12. A comparison of Indian literature before and after independence.

13. Talk about the 1960 book “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

14. Shakespeare’s importance in the field of literature.

15. How did the art of novel writing begin?

16. A study of Emy and Rebecca’s personalities in Vanity Fair.

17. How vampires are portrayed in works of literature from the 19th and 21st centuries.

Research Topics in English Literature

You can study the comparison subjects in this category for your research. These are based on popular English books and novels.

1. Assess Chaucer’s use of a variety of genres in Tales of Canterbury.

2. The historical novels’ accuracy in depicting actual events.

3. How has the position of women altered in literature from the 20th century?

4. What impact did Milton’s Paradise Lost have on the writing of the 17th century?

5. How have William Burroughs and James Joyce written their novels?

6. What do we currently think about novels from the 19th century, as well as the general public and other viewpoints at the time they were first published?

7. Assess the lesser-known writings of well-known authors.

8. Consider the reasons why The Lord of the Rings appeals to adults.

9. What part does Maya Angelou’s writing play in African writers’ responses to racism?

10. Spotting unconscious themes in modernist writing.

11. Consider how Hindu and Buddhist ideas are portrayed in contemporary literature.

12. How abortion is portrayed in British literature.

13. Practice poetry with confidence in Hopkins’s style.

14. Assess how literature has changed over the last 100 years.

15. Describe the writing countryside in the era of chemicals.

General Literature Topics for Research Papers

These are some of the top literary research paper themes. The time investment to submit a well-written research paper is modest.

1. Gender roles in contemporary literature.

2. The value of including animals in children’s books.

3. A review of World War One.

4. How accurate are historical books’ depictions of history?

5. The contrast between American and British literature.

6. Examine the poetic imagination of the 19th century.

7. Consider the astronomy-based poetry of the 19th century.

8. How is literature using quantum physics?

9. What is William Shakespeare’s most significant composition?

10. Old English literature’s portrayals of masculine women.

11. The distinction between realism and modernism.

12. A critique of poetry from the First World War.

13. A literary study of the literary meaning of fairy tales.

14. The renaissance era’s influence on literature.

15. Historical evaluations of children’s books.

16. Renaissance literature’s treatment of death.

17. The novels of Duma’s historical context.

Literary Topics for a Research Paper

Literary subjects range widely. Choosing the right one for your research paper can get difficult as a result.

1. Talk about the key Shakespearean text.

2. Describe how gender is represented in the gothic literature.

3. How language used on social media affects students.

4. The struggles faced by African women.

5. The use of linguistic activities in English language instruction and learning.

6. Talk on the literary influence and role of women in nation-building.

7. The value of folktales in literature education.

8. The importance of poetry and drama in literature.

9. Elements that influence language preference in a multilingual society.

10. Research on English morphological processes in comparison.

11. Comparative analysis of “Things fall apart” by Achebe.

12. The literary relevance of proverbs.

13. The impact of politics on the composition of literary works.

14. Interpreting literary speech.

15. A study of threat in literary works.

Unique Research Topics in Literature

These study subjects are based on different societal facets and their effects on the world. They also address how people behave and feel in various situations.

1. The first is the notarization of English in African literary works.

2. A study of Asian theater and its impact on contemporary literature.

3. An analysis of literary leadership.

4. The importance of literature in today’s society.

5. Why is studying literature necessary?

6. Consider how literature has changed from the beginning to the present.

7. Examine the techniques employed to develop the styles in the literature.

8. What feminist critiques exist of specific particular feminist works?

9. The value of literature’s fictional works.

10. The importance of emotion and narration in literature’s novel-writing.

11. Talk about how literary novels depict conflicts.

What impact does linguistic diversity have on a nation’s progress?

13. Talk about the connection between music and revolution.

14. The impact of language on a country’s development.

15. What type of communication does literature use?

Literature Paper Topics to Write About Right Now

Here are a few of the top research paper themes for literature that you can choose from. It will be simple to gather pertinent facts if you focus your investigation.

1. The distinction between grammatical and linguistic theories.

2. Issues with the tenses used in literature.

3. An analysis of word choice in literature.

4. The literary importance of poems.

5. The development and stages of contemporary literature.

6. The conflict between societal rules and individual happiness in Victorian literature.

7. English literature’s use of sentences.

8. Does a person’s choice to learn a second language depend on their original tongue?

9. An examination of issues related to picking up a second language.

10. The prevalence of non-standard English usage among college students.

11. The literary impact of rituals, music, songs, and dances.

12. The expression’s use of poetry and its influence.

13. How is literature a tool for bringing about social change?

14. The grammatical issues with English usage.

15. How society affects pupils’ literary performance.

16. Literature-related teaching and learning advantages.

All in all, many students find it difficult to write literature review papers. You must thoroughly examine a text, consider all of its features, and then express your own opinion. We believe that our literature research topics will make your task easier and be useful. Just keep in mind to choose a subject that interests you, and of course, apply our advice to create a fantastic paper. You can contact our essay writing services or our paper writing service when you need a literature review paper done.

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Psychology Research Topics and Ideas for  students

Psychology is a hugely fascinating discipline that may offer immense satisfaction and a profound understanding of people because it focuses on human behavior and the mind from many angles. Obviously, anyone studying this will face significant difficulties because it is an extremely sophisticated field of knowledge.

Any psychological research issue could need in-depth, frequently multidisciplinary investigation, which greatly relies on the specific psychology field. Therefore, the research papers that came out of this indicate a genuine effort made by psychology students throughout their academic career. Selecting the psychological study subjects that interest them most when writing research papers is one step that students may find stressful. Below, we make an effort to make this process easier by offering a variety of such subjects as well as some general instructions for creating effective psychology papers.

Definition and purpose of Psychology Research Paper

An exhaustive literature search, sometimes restricted to peer-reviewed academic articles only, the processing and assembly of data, and the effective presentation of that data to the reader are all components of a psychological research paper. Such articles may need to comprehend and apply experimental methodologies, such as surveys, sampling techniques, statistical processes or tests to evaluate correlation, significance, effect size, etc., if they contain an experimental component.

The typical goal of papers on various psychology topics is for students to demonstrate their depth of knowledge in the subject, to test the originality of their ideas, and to demonstrate their ability to navigate through the relevant specialized literature to find solid evidence and to communicate in writing effectively.

Guidelines for Writing Psychology Research Papers

What qualities should a research paper on psychology have? It depends on multiple factors working together:

1.Selecting a topic that interests you – there are psychology themes that are undoubtedly hot, and there are others that could come across as pretty dull. If you have the freedom to select one, congratulations! If not, don’t give up because there are several methods to make even unappealing themes more compelling by drawing connections, limiting the topic to a set of issues, etc.

2 .Your material is defined by the exploration and production of pertinent ideas, so be sure to express provocative or startling questions as well as suggest and defend paradigmatic shifts. You can get ideas by looking at psychology essay samples.

3. high-quality research requires the utilization of trustworthy sources that are properly cited, the avoidance of plagiarism, and accurate message delivery. When dealing with academic publications, keep an eye out for measures like the journal impact factor or other citation counts, even for each individual article.

Everything counts when writing in an instructive or inspirational manner: proper grammar, style, precision, conciseness, professional terminology, appropriate paper structure, a clear thesis statement, a strong introduction and conclusion, etc.

How to Choose an Appropriate Psychology Research Paper Topic

The first step in creating a research paper is choosing a topic. Typically, your lecturers will either provide you with a list of potential research questions to choose from or may ask you to propose a study topic of your own. When you are required to choose the topic yourself, that’s when challenges begin but we got your back since we have a list of the best psychology research paper topics below. Since selecting a perfect topic from a wide range of options is difficult.

If you are asked to provide a solid psychology study topic, you should choose it in this manner.

  1.  Identify the field of psychology research in which you are an expert and are passionate.
  2.  Get more study topic suggestions from your chosen psychology research area.
  3.  Do a brainstorming session with all the ideas you’ve gathered and discard any that don’t warrant further investigation.

Based on what you already know, attempt to recall an idea. Then, try to search for it online while alternating more relevant terms; if the notion is a sound research hypothesis, it’s highly probable that links to relevant academic articles will appear. As an alternative, you can come across comparable yet equally intriguing concepts. In actuality, this is one of the best and quickest ways to come up with a unique, intriguing idea that also fits your hobbies.

Locate some extensive topic lists (preferably, as close to the subfield of psychology that you have an interest in) and skim through them. By using the latter approach, you can explore a wide range of possible psychology paper topics rather than limiting yourself to a small number of ideas you might come up with or remember from your course.

Start by reading an overview of the area of study you are interested in (even a Wikipedia article or any printed literature would do). You’ll probably come upon a number of intriguing subjects that deserve more exploration.

Next, choose a subject that interests you enough to do research on and write about from the shorter list.

Give greater weight to a psychology study issue that has a wide research scope and a sufficient number of reliable sources for references.

Choose a subject that will allow you to explain and support your ideas or opinions in relation to the thesis statement with adequate evidence, proofs, and facts.

Never pick a subject that is neither too general nor too narrow.

If the issue is too broad, then focus on one or more of its subtopics.

Do not choose cliched psychology research topics like abortion, anxiety, or depression. Instead, pick a subject that will interest and inform your audience.

Only when the topic complies with your professor’s or school’s writing requirements should you decide on it.

Psychology research paper topics, organized by category

Topics for Social Psychology Research

1. Psychology of discrimination

2. The social identity hypothesis of Tajfel and Turner

3. Understanding oneself

4. Reasons why the Stanford prisoner experiment dehumanized its subjects

5. How, from the standpoint of Bandura’s social learning theory, is society modeling our behavior?

6. Milgram’s shock experiment demonstrates how deference to authority figures can result in cruelty.

7. How different surroundings affected Milgram’s shock experiment

8. How group membership might change a person’s conduct

9. Strategies for reducing violence during public protests

10. The relationship between conformity, compliance, and obedience and social status

Physiological Psychology research paper topics

1. The effects of a continuous sleep interruption at the REM period after

2. REM sleep physiology

3. Neurobiology and physiology of lucid dreaming

4. The brain processes that underlie attachment and bonding

5. The anatomy of a brain in love 6. Gender-based distinctions in brain physiology

7. Physiology of violence and rage

8. Serotonin and dopamine’s part in sensations of joy and pleasure/reward

9. Neural “layers” involved in the hierarchy of visual perception

10. Individual variations in feeling and perception

Neuropsychology Research Paper Topics

1. A neurological explanation of synaesthesia: How does red taste?

2. The temporoparietal junction’s function in the awareness of oneself

3. Amnesia types after brain injury

4. Evaluation of cognitive and memory functions in a patient with retrograde amnesia

5. What language processing brain regions Primary Progressive Aphasia (progressive loss of language abilities) shows us

6. Brain regions related to time perception

7. Magnetic resonance imaging of an autistic brain (MRI)

8. A Buddhist monk’s functional brain imaging during various forms of deep meditation

9. The influence of meditation-induced gene expression alterations on brain function

10. In individuals undergoing hemispherectomy (the removal or inactivation of a brain hemisphere), cerebral reorganization and neuroplasticity was examined.

 Mental Health Research Paper Topics

1. Disruption of circadian rhythm as a defining depressive sign

2. Sleep paralysis and cataplexy: Similarities and variances

3. Personality characteristics associated with increased incidence rates of post-traumatic stress disorder

4. Knowledge of the causes of schizophrenia today

5. Causes of the onset of multiple personality disorder

6. The main social conditions and life circumstances that affect Americans’ mental health

7. ADHD symptoms and their effects on quality of life 8. The function of environmental factors in depression triggers

9. Types of dementia and related symptoms

10. The variability of the repetitive behaviors that people with OCD elicit

Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Different types of mirroring behavior in kids

2. The significance of the amygdala as a change agent in adolescent brains

3. The development of short-term memory from childhood to old age

4. How much discipline is necessary for a child’s personality to grow in a healthy way?

5. Men and women’s midlife crises: similarities and differences

The six main emotional requirements of child care, love support, freedom, safety, being accepted and understood

7. Child maltreatment as the root cause of numerous psychological disorders in later life

8. The consequences of disregarding a child’s emotional needs in adulthood

9. Mirror test on kids and pets (similarities and differences)

10. Age-related changes in mental health

Health Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. The relevance of psychological support in treating eating disorders

2. The effectiveness of group therapy in palliative care

3. Using meditation to manage persistent pain

4. The most successful methods of helping drug addicts maintain abstinence

5. Lessons from Alcoholics Anonymous treatment programs’ enumeration of the 12 steps

6. An analysis of how belief plays a key part in Alcoholics Anonymous rehabilitation programs using psychological principles

7. Techniques for treating sadness and stress in cancer patients

8. Exercise is an effective method for managing stress and mood.

9. The impact of exercise and social contact on cognitive capacities

10. Techniques for interacting with patients to promote routine screenings (for breast cancer, heart diseases, etc.).

Forensic Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. How trustworthy is eyewitness recall? – Notable instances of memory lapse in legal proceedings

2. Predisposing elements for faulty eyewitness testimony

3. Arguments in favor of laws establishing a minimum witness age

4. Notable incidents of erroneous memory implantation in highly suggestible people in American legal precedent (Paul Ingram case)

5. Determining a defendant’s legal capacity to stand trial 6. Establishing verbal courtroom protocol with defendants and witnesses to encourage cooperation

7. Guidelines for forensic psychologists when testifying in court

8. Evaluating the validity of data gathered under different pressures, excluding those specified by US constitutional law (the exclusionary rule)

9. Differences in the legal definition of insanity (which releases one from culpability) between different US states

10. Skills psychologists should have before testifying as experts in court

Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Using social reinforcement rather than money rewards to motivate pupils to study

2. The influence of parenting methods on a person’s eventual career specialization

3. Does learning difficult instruments improve pupils’ cognitive abilities?

4. How does academic success relate to one’s view of one’s own worth?

5. The impact of bullying at school on one’s opinion of oneself

6. What level of study effort is appropriate for various ages?

7. Does a homework-free regime improve students’ performance? Can the US use a model like that?

8. Adapting instruction for dyslexic learners

9. The value of affection while instructing young children

10. Techniques for inspiring pupils’ study motivation

Criminal Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Important personality qualities (neuroticism) that can be used to predict criminal behavior

2. The psychological profiles of adolescent and adult criminals typically differ.

3. Is it harmful for juvenile offenders (in terms of reeducation) to be detained alongside adult offenders?

4. Are there any recurring themes in the worldview of serial killers?

5. Striking a balance between restraining considerations and criminal intent

6. How much planning goes into organizing a crime and what that reveals about criminals

7. Control over the act of committing a crime and its application to criminal profiling

8. Mental disorders that frequently result in criminal activity

9. An examination of the worldview of offenders who are in jail (What emotions, such as guilt, regret, rage, disappointment, and self-pity, predominate? Feelings of unfairness, fatalism, etc.?)

10. Criminals’ emotional and social demands for successful reintegration into society following release

Clinical Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Developments and constraints in clinical neuromodulator modifications for the treatment of depression

2. Using cognitive behavioral therapy versus depression treatment

3. As a last resort, electroconvulsive therapy is used to treat bipolar illness and severe depression.

4. Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment with virtual reality

5. Clinical applications of studies on lucid dreaming (for psychosis, nightmares, PTSD)

6. The need of emotional support for addiction sufferers

7. Techniques for ensuring that people with eating problems follow their regimens.

8. Novel methods for treating phobias

9. Cognitive behavioral treatment for autistic patients

10. For children with Asperger’s syndrome, neurofeedback and sensory integration/occupational therapy

Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students.

1. Should clients be added to social media accounts?

2. One of the mental diseases is homosexuality.

3. The Milgram experiment overlooked ethical considerations.

4. Are women the only ones who experience domestic abuse?

5. Crime is not an excuse for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

6. The effects of mental illness on children.

7. The Stanford prison experiment’s ethical implications.

8. The explicit material in anime and cartoons.

9. A damaged mental condition is the cause of fetishistic behavior.

10. Abuse of kids.

Psychology Research Paper Topics for Undergraduates

1. Eating problems.

2. Depression.

3. Phobias.

4. Temporary recollections

5. The need for attention.

6. Issues with speech.

7. Possibility of fixing issues.

8. Society’s judgmental behavior.

9. Perception.

10. Children and media violence.

Psychology Research Paper Topics For High School Students

1. An increase in bullying.

2. Young people enjoy sports psychology.

3. Human development stages.

4. Does psychology education alter how people behave?

5. Children’s exposure to television.

6. The effects of good marks and papers on learners.

7. The effects of sexting on adolescents.

8. Children are negatively affected by violent music.

9. Is child obesity a result of careless parents?

10. It’s not a good idea to tell your youngster “NO” all the time.

Psychology Research Paper Topics on Love

1. The causes of treachery.

2. Close Connections.

3. Hard choices can result from important commitments.

4. Intergroup Relations.

5. Committed Love.

6. Being too possessive might damage a relationship.

7. Dependence Control.

8. Empathic Precision.

9. Secret Romance.

10. Uncontrollable sexual inclinations.

PHD Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. What are the causes of adult anorexia?

2. How do anxiety disorders proliferate in contemporary culture?

3. What are the root causes of bipolar disorder?

4. What qualifies as a mental condition includes eating disorders?

5. The effects of stating the truth psychologically.

6. African cultures’ practice of cannibalism.

7. People’s fear of dying.

8. What causes multiple personality disorders in some people?

9. Variations in the definitions of insanity across time.

10. The taboo of asexuality.

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Depression and social cognition.

2. How can people with physical limitations adapt to society?

3. How do you handle bodily ailments?

4. How do people respond when social norms are broken?

5. How do certain individuals spot lies?

6. An increase in divorce rates.

7. The harm caused by hate speech.

8. Determine how social networks and obesity are related.

9. The impact of stress on premature births.

10. How to engage in social interaction.

Experimental Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Growing older and adulthood.

2. A child’s five developmental stages.

3. How do the media contribute to the spread of violence?

4. Where do gender roles fit into contemporary society?

5. How may parenting style affect a child’s development?

6. Developmental impairments and genetics.

7. Age and memory.

8. How does aging affect a person’s short-term memory?

9. What are the four phases of intellectual development?

10. Consequences of breakfast in the long run.

Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. How can psychology’s advancement address bullying?

2. How important is the media in violent video games?

3. Why do kids turn violent?

4. What factors contribute to psychopathic behavior in young people?

5. What elements influence language acquisition?

6. Where do gender roles fit into contemporary society?

7. How may parenting style affect a child’s development?

8. What circumstances make child abuse more likely?

9. What are a few psychological explanations for the aging process?

10. What are some key parenting principles?

Good Psychology Research Paper Topics about Dreams

1. Do dreams reflect the soul?

2. Do dreams actually have any meaning?

What do your dreams tell us about you?

4. Why disturbing dreams occur and how to prevent them

5. How can you make your aspirations come true?

6. How dreams affect our social lives

7. What do your fantasies imply in reality?

8. What takes place while we dream?

9. The advantages of dreams for health

10. What do traumatic nightmares indicate?

Controversial Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Is adding clients to your Facebook friends list ethical?

2. Disparate perspectives on homosexuality

3. The Milgram experiment’s morality

4. Domestic abuse in close friendships

5. Child abuse and its consequences

6. Teenagers’ use of social media platforms

7. How moral was the Stanford prison experiment?

8. What impact do parents have on their kids’ mental health?

9. Fetishes and the behavior that goes with them

10. Is homosexuality a mental illness?

Sports Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Current sports psychology tendencies

2. Issues that sport instructors must deal with

3. Why does chemistry on a team matter more than talent?

4. Sports psychology’s development

5. How to manage your feelings when playing sports?

6. Why is creating strong team chemistry crucial?

7. What part does coaching play in boosting self-confidence?

8. How can athletes manage stress?

9. The significance of proper conduct for athletes

10. What qualities make a good football coach?

Psychology Research Paper Topics on Autism

1. Autism risk factors related to the environment

2. Can you stim without having autism?

Third, autism at work

4. Autism spectrum conditions in underdeveloped nations

5. Autism spectrum disorders’ various subtypes

6. Is autism well served by mainstream education?

7. Gender identity and autism

8. Is there a link between autism and vaccines?

9. Teaching family doctors how to treat depression

10. Autism-related mental health issues

Cultural Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. Using social media in different cultures

2. Cultural influences on online shopping behavior

3. Cross-cultural humor

4.The concept of beauty in the digital age

5. effects on multinational corporations

6. How does culture factor into psychology?

7. How parenting is viewed in various cultures

8. The connection between culture and education

9. How different cultures see death

10. How are multicultural communities to live in?

Experimental Psychology Research Paper Topics

1. In what ways do colors affect learning?

2. The impact of color on the mind

3. The impact of music on emotional response

4. Can fragrance influence taste?

5. What can your musical preferences reveal about your character?

6. How do hues influence mood?

7. Do creative people have a unique perspective on the world?

8. Abuse of social media is similar to addiction to drugs.

9. What effects does conformity have on behavior?

10. What may be inferred about our thinking from the Stroop effect?

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How to cite a book in the MLA format guide

How to cite a book in the MLA format

A book is a written or published work. Writing of books has undergone some evolutions, and there are not only found in paper form but also online in soft copies.

Citing a book for the first time can be a little bit challenging, but when one does enough practice, it becomes easy to cite a book in MLA format.

protutorservices professional writers have gathered some examples that will help you to have a better understanding on how one can properly to cite a book in MLA.

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How to cite a book in the MLA format

You have to include the following information:

  • Book writer’s name
  • Title of book
  • book’s publisher
  • date it was published (the year)

The above are the things that you should add when you cite a book in the MLA format.


  • The e-book’s device

Database & website books

  • The database or the website’s name
  • URL


  • The author’s or the editor’s name
  • The author’s chapter name
  • The range used, E.G., page number

Edited or translated books

  • The editor’s name or the name of the translator

How to print book MLA citation

Below is an example of how to print the works cited or the citation work in the MLA format as you cite a book in the MLA format

Cite a book in the MLA format

Works Cited

Works cited information is supposed to be written in the following format.

  • The writer’s last name
  • The writer’s 1st name
  • The book’s title.
  • Book publisher’s name
  • year book was published

Below is a sample of How to cite a book in the MLA format


James, henry. The ambassador. Serenity, 2009.

View more examples on how to cite a book.

In-text citation

The arrangement:

  1. Writer’s last name.
  2. (page)

Example of how to use in-text citation in MLA format

Henry (34) or can as be printed as (34) Henry

How to cite database or website book in the MLA

Due to the increase in social media and technology, many books are found online. Most of the online sites are known for their book in the internet. Some of these famous sites are project Gutenberg, Google books, and EBSCO.

Example of works cited in MLA

Below is a clear template:

  • Writer’s last name
  • Book Writer’s first name
  • book’s title
  • publisher’s name
  • book publishing date (year)
  • Website’s title
  • URL

Always as you are citing, the “http” is supposed to be at the beginning of a URL.

When you have a digital source that does not portray the page number, you should also include the page numbers.

Below is an example of an in-text citation

Template of an in-text citation in MLA

  1. The last name(s)

Example of in-text citation

James & John-Steve

E-book citing in MLA

Most of e-books are also found in the E-reader. Some of the most popular books that are found in the e-reader

The works cited


  • Writer’s last name
  •  Writer’s 1st name
  • e-book’s title
  • The E-book edition
  • The publisher’s name
  • The date of publish (year)
  • E-reader of the device

In most e-books, there are no numbers to be used. But there must be a chapter and section. Thus use the sections and the chapters. They, too, can be short-formed as (sec… or secs…) and (ch… or CHS…) for sections and chapters, respectively.

E-books in-text citation


  1. The chapter, section’s section last name

The above example can also be written as

Austen and Grahame-Smith, (Ch. 1) 

How to cite a book’s chapter in the MLA

Works Cited


  • Last name of the book’s writer
  • first name of the writer of the book
  • Title’s section and chapter
  • book’s title
  • publisher’s name.
  • Book’s  publishing date (year)
  • Chapter’s page

How to cite an edited or translated book

Works Cited


  • The last name of the authors
  • The book’s writer 1st name
  • The book’s title
  • The persons who have edited or translated the book ( 1st & last name)
  • Publisher’s name.
  • Book’s publishing date (year)

In-text citation


Last name (page)


Murakami (27)

How to cite a book in the MLA format that has multiple authors

Books can have a number of authors, and below we have shown how to cite their names


  1. The author’s name ( last and 1st )
  2. The 2nd name of the author ( last name & 1st name)
  3. Then the title of the book’s
  4. Year, book was published  

In-text citation for a book having two authors


  • The 1st  & last name of the writer of the book
  • 2nd name of the book’s writer
  • Then the page

For example:

(Charaipotra and Clayton 63)

This is also done for a book that has two authors. However, when it comes to a book with three authors and above, we only use the first book writer’s last name, then rest of the author’s first name.

For example

1st writers last name, 1st name, the title of the book, the publisher’s name, date published (YY)

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Apart vs. A Part: When to Use Apart vs. A Part with Useful Examples

Apart vs. A Part How to Use Correctly

Guide on rules of writing: A Part vs. Apart

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between the two phrases apart and A Part.

The two may seem the same, but they portray different meanings.

Below are the topics of discussion in this article:

  • Apart & A Part, the definitions of each
  • Sentence examples of A Part

Sentences examples of how to use the word Apart.

In most cases, it is surprising how many people encounter some difficulties when using the words Apart and A part. Many tend to say that it is just the space that is evident between the two that makes a difference in the two words. On the other hand, not just the space in between but also the meaning of the two words are quite different.

When you are writing a body of any text, and you may have encountered difficulties in whether to use the A part or the apart word, this article is just meant for you. In this article, we are going to give you clear definitions of the two words A PART and APART in order to give you a better understanding of the two phrases. These two phrases usually come in handy when you are writing an essay, especially the research paper essay, if only you know how to effectively use the A PART & APART words.

Let us take a closer look at the two:

A PART and APART are the definition of the two.

Before we dive deeper into the two phrases and how one can use the two like a veteran in English, you will need to first know the definitions of the two words. As you will be using these words in your essays, knowing the meaning of two is going to make and form the basis of properly understanding the two words.

Maybe as you are writing your essay and you have tried to use the word A PART, you may have asked yourself if the words are two or if the word is one as a whole. Or even maybe you went further and asked yourself if the word A PART has an opposite word to it.

Below are some statements that are going to fill in your gap and answer even more questions that you have concerning the two phrases.

A PART: These are just two words. Knowing this definitely leads us to the next question, what is the meaning of the A PART? The phrase A PART can be simply be defined as a portion of a larger area or group. When you think of this word as a synonym for a piece, then it is going to be easy for you to remember not just the word but also its meaning of the word.

APART: this is one word as a whole. Know that this is settled, let us move to the next question what does the word APART mean? The word APART is used to show separation by distance. APART is also an adverb. In simpler terms, when one is talking about being APART, he/she means being away or isolated from something.

You can also use the words that follow the two phrases to get their meaning. This will help you know what exactly you are dealing with. Below are examples to give you a better understating of what we are talking about.

  • Apart from…
  • A part of…

Take, for instance, what somebody says or writes apart of… this will be considered incorrect.

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Examples of using APART in sentences

So that we can familiarize ourselves with these phrases, let us take a look at how we can effectively use the word apart in sentences.

  • I don’t like keeping children apart from their mothers for a long time.
  • Despite the awful weather condition keeping the two friends apart, they still found ways to meet each other.
  • Take, for instance, that you kept two magnets apart from each other. What do you think is going to happen?
  •  They accidentally tore apart the teacher’s guide as they were reading.

Examples of using the phrase A PART in sentences

Know at this section of the paper, let us take a look at how to effectively use A PART in sentences:

  • Tommy was always aware that a part of  him would always feel homesick
  • As the storm was happening, a part of the river bank was washed away
  • What a wonderful experience it is to be a part of something bigger.
  • In order to check the damage caused on the wall, he just needed to pull a part of the wall away and do an inspection.

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How to Write Rising Action

How to Use Rising Action Effectively

Guide on how to write a rising action

In this article, we are going to discuss on the rising action. Let us start by defining “rising action.”

Definition of rising action

A question that is common amongst lots of people is, what is rising action? Below is a definition of what exactly rising action is and what it is all about.

In a story, the rising action is a section of a story that is usually leading to the climax of that particular story. The rising action helps in growing the story’s central conflict, thus leading to the creation of successful conflicts. Let us use the story “Little Red Riding Hood” to explain further about the rising action. In the story, everything takes place when the Red goes to Grandma’s house. When the Red faces contact with the Big Bad Wolf, then things change, the story’s rising action is archived.

Below is additional information about a story’s rising action:

  • A rising action of a story will often follow the plot’s exposition. This is a section of the plot. In this section, the character’s world where everything happens is established. After the rising action, then the next thing is the climax on the story.
  • Each and every story that is correctly written and composed, there must be a part of the story that can be referred to as the rising action. The rising action must be evident for narratives that have plot structures that are unconventional.
  • Falling action is the opposite of our main topic – rising action. This section is where the climax of the story de-escalates, and further dispelling to the main conflict is observed.

Elaboration of the Rising action

We can refer to the rising action as the “meat” of the narrative. This is because of the rising action. This is where most of the important things occur. In any writing work that contains a plot, it is also supposed to have a rising action. Below are some features that rising actions have and feature that will help you identify a rising action.

  • At most times, the rising action will always start with a complication or an incident: the incident that is evident in a rising action must be inciting. The inciting events are the actions evident in the rising action that brings the challenges that the character face. Thus, this sets the motion for increasingly challenging or interesting events for the reader. These challenging or interesting events often give rise to the story’s main events. The end of the exposition is marked by the inciting incidents; thus, the rising actions begin. When one is reading, the inciting events do not have to be events that are actual. This may be information that creates tension in character. It also may be information that creates suspense for the characters. The information that is referred to as inciting events can also be called a complication. Below is an example of one inciting event and another of an inciting event:

The movie “home alone” inciting incidents

When Kevin is left at home as the rest of the family goes on vacation is where the inciting events are evident.

Complications in “Little Red Riding Hood”

Having a Wolf that is red and big in the story makes the action of the trip more dangerous. Thus, the Red has to be suspect full.

  • The rising action usually is one of the lengthy sections of a narrative: when recognizing the rising action section, the thumb rule is usually used. It is important to identify that using the thumb rule to identify the rising action cannot be considered foolproof. This is because some story plot structures are often typical. But in the narrative of Little Red Riding Hood, the rising action of this kind is observable.  
  • Rising action often creates tension and suspense: when one is narrating a story to the target audience, one can uses the audience to identify the rising action section. The rising action can be obtained from the audience by just observing their feelings and the gesture not forgetting the facial expressions that they portray as the story is been presented to them. This is one of the ways that one can obtain a story’s rising action. The rising action will continue to increase as the feeling of suspense in relation to the main point of the story continues to increase.
  • As the climax end, also the rising action comes to an end: the rising action ends as the climax of a story comes to an end. This is because the feeling of suspense and tension in the story builds up. Also, the development of the rising action decreases as the climax of the story comes to an end. So another way through which you can tell the rising action is by just identifying the story’s climax. However, the climax scatters the tension created and increases during the rising action. The climax is associated unswervingly with the tension and the conflict that has been obtained in the rising action section.

If the rising action’s events will not take place, thus, the outcomes and the climax of a story would also not take place. This is one of the things that influence people to say that the narrative’s rising action is the most important piece of a story’s plot.  

Sections of the rising action

In the 19th century, one of the most famous person that made a framework that could be used in analyzing a plots was Gustav Freytag. He was the first person who argues that all plots can be broken can be subdivided into five sections. The five sections are:

  • The first section he argued to be the Exposition
  • Then the rising action, followed the exposition
  • After rising action was climax
  • Then the falling action

The Denouement

This theory was created in order to give a description of the plots of stories and plays. Mostly this theory was applicable in plays. The plays were broken into five sections. This theory was also used in analyzing other works like novels, films, TV shows, and short stories. The theory is also referred to as the pyramid theory:

The information presented above by the pyramid shows that all the parts of the story length are equal. This is something that you should note from the diagram above. The climax is at the center of the diagram. On the other hand, the diagram by Freytag may be misleading.  This is because the rising action in a plot of a piece is usually the longest section. Thus the information above being misleading due to the rising action’s length, a modified pyramid was created. This modified diagram shows the rising action being lengthy. The rising action diagram is as follows:

Though the pyramid constructed by Freytag was handy, not all the literature works fit in this structure. In fact, a lot of postmodern and modern writers have intentionally subverted the narrative that is standard narrative and structure of the plot that is presented by Freytag. In relation to the Freytag pyramid, the rising action may be often spoken about.

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Examples of Rising action

A streetcar Named Desire – rising action

In the piece written by Tennessee Williams, the rising action is evident when the character Dubois comes home. He finds his sister’s home, and they have a cheat chat. Dunois’s sister’s name is Stella. As they are having a chat with her brother, she tells him that she has lost their childhood home possessions under circumstances that are mysterious. Then the story’s inciting incident is evident when the husband to Stella, Dubois also arrives and start having conversation with the two. The tension between the three rises until the climax, when Stella’s brother accuses Stella’s husband of taking advantage of Stella.

Stanley confronts Dubois about raping Stella.

The rising action in this set is everything that happens between the inciting incident and the climax.

The rising action in Romeo and Juliet

There are double ends that are opposing each other due to how people argue about the climax of the narrative Romeo and Juliet.

In Romeo and Juliet, the rising action remains often evident as the inciting incident is when Romeo kisses Juliet and then learns that Juliet is a Capulet. The rising action between this event and the climax is when Romeo kills Tybalt and also kills himself. That is how evident the rising action is in Romeo and Juliet.

The rising action in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

In this story, the rising action is very interesting.  The inciting incident is when Mariner shoots and kills albatross; thus, the rising action is between this incident and the climax when The Mariner becomes aware of how life is valuable while albatross drops down from his neck. That is the rising action happening in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

The purpose of rising action

In building a narrative, a rising action must be evident. The rising action fulfills the following:

  • The rising action creates suspense and also increases the tension that is in the fundamental conflict of the narrative.
  • The rising action helps in moving the story forward. Thus leading to the story’s climax. By doing this, the rising action helps the story to reach its resolution.
  • The rising action gives out information that is important. Thus making the development of the plot more complex and life-like
  • The rising action grabs the reader’s attention. The rising action is the point where the author grabs the attention of the reader or does not. If the rising action is not effective, then it is going to fail to pull in the audience.

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how to write a thesis statement complete guide

Guide on how to write strong thesis statements

A thesis statement is a sentence that is found in the following sections of an essay:

  • The closing statement of a lawyer
  • A speech debate
  • In advertisements

The reason why you are viewing this article is because you probably want to learn how to a strong thesis statement.

A thesis statement is essential when you are writing any type of essay, whether compare/contrast essay, an informative essay, or an argumentative essay, and you will need to write a thesis statement in your essay. When you write an essay that does not have a thesis statement, the argument you are trying to present is going to fall flat. The content of the essay is also going to seem unrealistic to the reader. By saying this, it clearly indicates that the thesis statements is important in essay writing. Thus you need to check on some tips and tricks on how to create an effective thesis statement.

Below are some of the things we are going to look at in this article:

  1. The meaning of a thesis statement

What do we mean by the words thesis statement?

If you visit to learn about a thesis statement, then it is evident that you are at a higher level of learning. Thus the word thesis is not a new word to you. Before one graduates, a thesis is a final paper that one undertakes. These types of papers are common to senior students. Know that we have talked about a thesis, you might be thinking of that paper that final students usually write. Sorry to say that when we are talking about a thesis statement, we are not talking about this paper. Well, thesis statement paper is usually lengthy. This type of paper may take even years to be placed together.

Now at this point of the article, we are talking about a thesis that is in a single sentence. This single sentence ties together the main idea that the main argument in an essay is being presented. In simpler terms, a thesis statement is a statement that declares one position in accordance with the topics being discussed. The thesis statement is very important because it tells the reader whether your essay is something worth reading.

Persuasive thesis statement VS. Informative thesis statement

In the same manner that there are different types of essays, there are also different types of thesis statements. When one is writing a thesis statement, one should always put at the back of your mind that the essay and the thesis statement must match.


When a student is writing an informative essay, he/she is supposed to write an informative thesis. This is supposed to be applied as the thesis statement is not supposed to be argumentative. This is because when you are writing an informative essay, your main aim is to guide the reader toward the conclusion that you are trying to make.

Example of a strong thesis statement:

When making a sandwich of pennant butter and jelly, you have to procure the two elements and spread the ingredients with the use of a knife.

The thesis statement above can be considered a strong thesis because it gives the reader the main topic, which is the sand witch. The ingredients to be used and how they will be spread through the use of a knife.

In other types of essays, whether argumentative, narrative, or compare and contrast essays, the thesis statement is also supposed to make a mark when arguing the major points. In simpler words, if the purpose of your essay is to just give information, then the thesis statement is supposed to be persuasive thesis statement.

Thus, a persuasive thesis statement is comprised of the reason why you support your opinion, and it contains an opinion.

Example of an effective persuasive thesis statement:

The reason why peanut sandwiches are the best is that they are easy to make and versatile.

In this persuasive thesis statement, it is obvious why the above thesis statement is effective. In the thesis statement, the main opinion is stated, which shows that I have picked a stance. I give an explanation of why I took that stance by use of the reasons that I stated above.

The thesis statement styles

In the same manner that there are different types of thesis statements, there are also two styles of a thesis statements.

When writing about the thesis statement style, one of them uses more than two points. This type of thesis statement fits perfectly when one is writing on an essay that contains only three paragraphs at most. The standard 5-paragraph is not a match for this thesis statement.

For example:

Even when the readers do have the CS Lewis Chronicles series of Narnia teaches people to have faith. This is amongst the best works that were done in the 20th century. The series has a lot of characters that are vibrant, and it contains a host who is also vibrant.

In the persuasive speech above, you can see how I have stated my point and supported my point by use of various reasons. For a 5-paragraph essay, this thesis statement can be perfect.

In the college level of learning, the writing of a 5-paragraph essay isn’t that common, and by this, students know are writing longer essays that are lengthy. Thus when you are writing a thesis statement for an essay that is long, you will need to write a thesis statement that is more versatile. You can write a thesis statement that touches on all the important points that are mentioned in each of the body paragraphs.

Below is an example of how this type of thesis statement can be effectively written:

In the series written by Lewis Narnia, the main theme is GOOD vs. EVIL. The struggle’s that the main character face makes the main themes clear.

Through my reasoning, I have made a claim on the series written by Narnia. Through the broader scope of the thesis evident in the series, it gives me a chance to write on each of the series. I do not have a limit on how many paragraphs of the body I can use.

Guide on how to write an effective thesis statement

Argumentative thesis statement

Having a clear template is one thing that students have to know about in order to write an effective strong thesis statement. The template is usually helpful. The below template is going to help you create a thesis statement easily.

 _______________ it’s true because of ____________, ___________, and _____________.

 The above template of a thesis statement can only be used to express only one point.

 _______________it is true to say that______________________________________.

 The above thesis statement template can be used by college students that are writing lengthy                                    essays.

Having a template to follow when writing a thesis statement is usually advisable, as this will make your work more easily. Students can also use other words. You should not compel yourself to the above words when creating your thesis statement. Explore and be creative when writing a thesis statement.

The qualities of a solid thesis statement

When one is writing a thesis statement, one should also put into consideration other factors that will make your thesis statement more compelling. These factors position the essay you are writing, the length of the essay you are writing, and how strongly do you want to make your thesis statement.

Let us know fully to discuss these factors.

Position: at the start of an essay, this is where you should include a thesis statement. The reason as to why the thesis statement is important and why it is supposed to be placed at the beginning of the essay is because it gives the reader information on what the essay is all about. You should always try to make the thesis statement one sentence that contains the opinion and the reasons. It should be about 30 to 40 words in length.

Length: depending on the number of points the thesis statement has mentioned, the thesis statement can be either long or short. It should be about 30 to 40 words in length.

Strength: the thesis statement is supposed to be strong, especially a persuasive thesis statement. The thesis statement must be arguable.

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Guide on how to write an introduction speech

Below are some of the main things that we are going to talk about in this article

  • The meaning of an introduction speech
  • The outline for an introduction speech
  •  The first step to take when writing an introduction speech
  • How to conclude an introduction speech
  • Speech topics in the introduction speech
  • Good examples for an introduction speech

Speech writing and preparation are usually different from other types of writing. When writing an introduction speech, your main aim is to convince the target audience in a manner that is logical through the use of good, logical, and exciting ideas to be on the same said of your arguments. By doing this, you are going to need evidence that is solid in proving your point of view. To make your introduction speech a winning and outstanding piece, you will need to have an organized argument.

The introduction in your introduction speech will always be a good opportunity that you should always take advantage of to clearly state your main topic. This is going to help the target audience of your introduction speech to know the speech’s importance.

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The meaning of an introduction speech

In simpler terms, a way through which you can introduce yourself is also referred to as an introduction speech. This is a way through which a speaker introduces his/herself to the target audience. The main aim of the introduction speech is to capture the attention of the audience and express the speaker’s credibility.

When one is meeting a large group of people, one often gets nervous about the things to talk about to the audience. Thus the introduction speech comprises some of the elements that are common in the introduction. It is also made up of elements that are commonly portrayed by two people when they first meet.

The other thing that one should know when he/she is composing the introduction speech is that they have to get personal when they are speaking to the audience. This is also supposed to be done when you are introducing the main guest speaker. An introduction speech is among the many types of speeches that we use in communicating in our day-to-day lives. Thus knowing the pros and cons of this speech is very important.

Introduction speeches

Outline for an introduction speech

Below are the three sections that makeup the introduction speech Learn more

The introduction for an introduction speech

This section is the first thing that should appear in your paper. Below we’ve presented some of the elements that a good introduction is supposed to consist of:

  • Greetings from the audience
  • In order to build up credibility, tell your name to the audience and your experience
  • By use of an interesting hook, gain the audience’s attention
  • Use a thesis statement that is strong and effective
  • To the audience, state your main topic and give it relevance and why it is so important to discuss it.
  • Then state the main ideas that make up your introduction speech.

The main body of the introduction speech

Here in this section of the introduction speech, you are supposed to discuss the major ideas of the main topic in your introduction speech and back up the ideas through the use of relevant examples and credible evidence. In order to have a chronological and logical flow of the paragraphs and ideas, use transition words.

The main body of the speech introduction follows the below format

  • 1st subtopic, support it through the use of evidence.
  • Use a transition word
  • 2nd subtopic, use evidence to back the subtopic
  • Transition
  • For the 3rd subtopic, use evidence to back the last subtopic
  • Then lastly transition

The conclusion of an introduction speech

This is always the last section of an introduction speech. This section, in addition, gives the writer the last chance to the audience to relate the topic at hand.

For your introduction speech’s conclusion to be effective, it has to consist of the following elements:

  • You are to at all times supposed to restate the thesis statement
  • Give a summary of the whole speech.
  • Give a closing statement so that will help you to attract the audience.

Take a look at the document below, In order for you to have a clear idea of how to write a good introduction speech.

Introduction speech outline.

How to begin an introduction speech

Below are tips to help you on how to write an effective introduction speech

  • Use a relevant quotation

The use of a relevant quotes in the opening of an introduction speech will enable you to set the pace for your introduction speech. It is also going to help you in setting the tone of the speech.

Below is an example:

“Personally, it will take me 3 weeks to make an effective impromptu speech.”  Mark Twain

  • Taking advantage of the “what if”

This is an effective technique. You are supposed to use it by standing in front of the audience and asking them the “what if” question. This is going to help the audience to follow the throw out process.

Below is an example of how to use the “what if” scenario that you can apply in your introduction speech

“What would happen if one day you woke up a found nobody in the whole world?”

  • Use the ” imagine scenario.”

Use this scenario when you are starting the writing of your speech. It is the same as the “what if”

Give the audience a chance to visualize the situation.

“Put into imagination that you jumped from a plane as a skydiver and in the middle of the way you realize that the parachute is not working. Imagine you’re thoughts at that particular situation. Imagine your behavior and how you would land”. 

  • Ask a literal or a rhetorical question.

Impose a literal or a rhetorical question to the target audience. This is going to help the audience to try and generate an answer; thus, you have grabbed the attention of the audience.

Below is an example of how to use a rhetorical question from the target audience

“Who does not want to live in an island that is exotic?”

  • Use a strong statement.

Using a strong statement is going to help you in the catching the attention of the audience. A strong statement in your introduction speech is going to confuse the audience. This is because it is going to help you in keeping them confused on what you are about to say next. After using a strong statement, then use of the silence technique also going further contribute to the strong statement’s effectiveness.

Below is an example of how you can use a strong statement in your introduction speech.

“We can’t win. We cannot win…”

Pause for a moment

“… This is what every news channel is saying in the whole nation.”

Steps of writing a winning and effective introduction speech

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Let us know look at how to write an effective introduction

Now that you know the elements to use in your introduction speech, you might be wondering about the steps of how you can write an introduction speech.

  1. First, greet the audience.

In accordance with the time of the day that you are giving the speech, you are supposed to first greet the audience. This is going to give the audience that the speech is targeting, an impression that is impressive.

When one does not greet the audience, they are going to have a distant feeling from you. Thus you should not immediately start the speech. This may also cause the audience to ignore you in the rest of your introduction speech.

  • The second thing is to tell the audience your name and the essence of your speech.

In this section, you are supposed to introduce yourself to the audience. Give the audience your name, your occupation, your age, and the main aim of the introduction speech. By doing this, you are going to build your credibility with the reader.

  • The third thing is to add humor to the speech.

This is going to make your introduction speech more interesting to the audience and thus capture their attention. Humor, in most cases, is always a good way that you can entertain the readers.

You should also be careful as to where you are stating your jokes, as some people may find this offensive to them.

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  • In accordance with your main topic, state four problems

When you are writing an introduction speech. It is always advisable to state the problems of your main topic.

  • Share the content and facts of your main topic with the audience.

This is advisable as you are writing an interesting topic. You can also use the words like “we” and “you” to help them understand your main topic in a clear manner.

  • Add statistical information that are relevant to the topic at hand.

Use statistics that are relevant to the introduction essay’s main topic. The statistics must be credible and factual. By doing this, you are going to help the audience have a better understanding of your message and give them something to relate to. This is also going to trigger the emotional appeal of the audience.

  • Give a summary of the speech in a very brief manner

This happens in the concluding part of the essay. This will enable you to explain what the essay is all about and why the essay is so important. This will also help the audience to relate to what you are talking about.

  • Start by writing of the actual speech.

Start the actual body of the speech. Do this if you have only followed the above steps.

Put relevant evidence and example to use and back up your arguments and claims in the thesis statement.

How can you can effectively conclude the introduction speech?

The steps below will help you to effectively end your introduction speech

  1. The major arguments, summarize them

You are supposed to end your speech by summarizing the major arguments. This is going to help in clearing the air on the things that the audience may have misunderstood. In addition, this is also going to help the audience remember the speech and what it was all about.

  • Mention the closing statement.

In order to keep the audience on their toes and engaged, always mention the closing statement in the collusion part of your introduction speech.

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  • Proofread you work

After writing your introduction essay, take a mental break for about an hour or so and then proofread your work. This will help you to correct all the unnecessary errors that you could have made.

You should also read the introduction speech out loud to impose check whether the arguments have been conveyed properly. By reading the speech out loud you will also be able to know if the arguments in the speech are logical.

You can also ask a colleague to read the introduction speech to check whether it is convincing and whether it makes sense.

Below are the tips and tricks for writing an effective introduction speech.

  • Pick a topic that is unique to write about in your introduction speech.
  • Begin your introduction speech with an impressive hook
  • Focus on airing out the main topic clearly
  • Use some visuals in order to portray a better understanding. The visuals can be pictures, maps, or even graphs.

Ideas or topics you can use in your introduction speech

  • The effects of women in bodybuilding
  • What do you hate most
  • The effects of drugs abuse
  • How to become successful in one’s academics
  • Your best hobbies
  • What distinguishes you from other people?
  • What are the interesting facts about you?
  • That one time you struggled in the making and creating of a new effective skill in you.

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How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph

Guide on how to write an effective conclusion

In order to deliver winning essays, college and university students at large need to internalize and master the art of writing an effective and winning conclusion. In the same manner that they have mastered how to correctly write thesis statement, how to write an effective introduction, and how to perfectly end a paragraph, students should also master how to write an effective conclusion.

In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of a good conclusion. We are also going to view the structure of a conclusion, examples of effective conclusions, and templates of a good conclusion. All this is going to help us familiarize ourselves with how to write and effective conclusion. Always remember that at any point you are stuck when writing an academic essay, you can get assistance from professional writers.

So let us now dive deep into the case at hand.

Let us take a look at today’s primary objective.

What is a conclusion, and is a conclusion paragraph important?

A conclusion is the last paragraph of an essay, and it is also the one that informs the reader that we are coming to an end. In conclusion, the main aim is to wrap up the arguments and main points through a short text. A conclusion is written in a clear but brief summary that presents all the arguments mentioned in the essay all together at once. In the US, many professors expect to see the thesis statement that is presented in a student’s work being backed up with additional analysis and evidence. The conclusion paragraph is important because it makes the audience and the reader come closer and align themselves with the vision of the author. When writing a conclusion, one is supposed to reflect on the thesis statement and give evidence if the aim of the essay has been accomplished. The author is supposed to reflect in-depth, and use the strategic skills of thinking when writing a conclusion paragraph for a research paper.

When writing a conclusion, the last sentence of the conclusion paragraph is supposed to aim at either the readers to take more action and continue with the investigation or call the audience to action. The last sentence of the conclusion paragraph can also be used to impact some inspiration to the audience. When writing a conclusion paragraph, the knowledge of how to finish the last step of writing an essay may be through the use of assumptions and through the display of emotions where possible.

Tricks for writing a winning conclusion

Due to the length limit of an essay, most students find it difficult to write an effective detailed conclusion. The word limit in most essays tends to be a barrier to writing a good, and effective conclusion. When you simply take a conclusion as something that is not that hard, then you are going to create good conclusion paragraphs. In conclusion, you are strictly advised that you should never add any new information to this section. Your main aim is to sum up, all the important information, main points, and main arguments in your essay in brief few sentences that are direct to the point.

Below is a procedure to follow in order to write a successful conclusion:

  1. As you begin your conclusion, you can begin with a brief summary of the main arguments in your essay. Then state if the purpose of the arguments and points presented was full filled.
  2. Here you can tell the reader to take note of the additional reading and more investigation on the matter at hand.
  3. At this point, show the reader that you know what you are talking about by portraying confidence. Thus your choice of words should always portray confidence to the reader.
  4. Restate the thesis statement of your essay. Each sentence that you state, back it up with relevant information
  5. To make the audience think about the matter, insert a question that is open ended.

Things that you should keep off from when writing a conclusion

Below are some tips that you will use to write a successful conclusion. The tips are provided by protutorservices professional writers.

You  should never add any new information to the conclusion. The conclusion information is supposed to be a repetition of what has been said in the paragraphs of the body. Take, for instance, that you were talking about global warming and how this can be resolved. You are not supposed to write any new information in the conclusion to say how global warming can be resolved.

Since it is evident that you have come to the end of your essay, using of the words “summing up” or the words “in conclusion” is not that necessary.

In the conclusion part, make sure that you present five points that are from the body paragraphs of the essay. Sum up the five points and give a clear picture to the audience in regard to the points in the body paragraphs.

At the conclusion, as you are writing the final part of the essay, you should be careful as not to be over-emotional.

A conclusion and a the summary are supposed to be the same. This is supposed to always be at the back of your mind as you are writing a conclusion paragraph.

As you are writing a conclusion, you should try your best to sound as professional as possible. You should express your opinions as a veteran writer.

When writing a conclusion, what are the useful phrases to use?

As your professor is reading your essay and notice some phrases being properly used, they tend to be impressed with your work and thus award you a better score.

Below are some phrases that portray professionalism in your essay:

  • Booth camps study opinions show that…
  • The research implements makes it possible to conclude that…
  • I would love to once again emphasize that…

The above conclusion templates show how you can end your conclusion effectively. You just have to give a clear thesis statement restate, and also the main points. Let us know move into the actual samples.

Examples of effective conclusions from our professionals

An article analysis conclusion:

I concluded that the views of Jack Sanders in his article were biased because of the navy service years that he spent and how his personality changed. The ethic standards are supposed to adhere to the principles that are morally common, and the medium of environment that is locked is not supposed to exist. My personal opinion is that one is supposed to be free and think freely away from one’s comfort zone. This freedom is the one that will impact one to change their behavior.

Law research paper conclusion:

Analyzing the arguments provided, it is right to say that all the persons that were involved in the case in the court of the people of Chicago and Bunbury being present was a motive. The number of breaks that were the experienced during the case was due to the extra pressure that was exerted by financial issues. It’s sad how the powerful people still control the structures of the legistriture

There are no past hearings revisions unfortunately. The case will still remain an open case due to the system inability to be transparent.

Personal reflection conclusion

I did not only see structural patterns in construction but also the architectural design by visiting the St. Mathew’s church. I witnessed construction culture that was from decades ago. The cultural monuments and traditional customs help us to come, to gather and reflect our past that is one thing that I leant from this tour. I have been inspired to start off a research on the forgotten monument which are near and around me and to also keep on visiting more historical sites. As an architect there are many ways that we can preserve our culture and contribute to the growth of the local culture.

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how to write a thematic statement

Guide on how to write a thematic statement – examples, and step by step

Below are some of the topics that we are going to discuss in this article.

In academic essay writing, there are important elements that every student is supposed to know about. Amongst the most important elements in academic essay writing is a thematic statement. A thematic statement is usually made up of one or two sentences that are usually expressing the themes in the work been discussed. This work does not really have to be an essay. It can be other literary works.

When one is trying to compose a thematic statement, for it to be impactful and for it to turn out to be a good thematic statement, one has to understand not only the online blogs but also other dense and complex literary works.

What is a thematic statement?

When one is writing an essay, a thematic statement is usually used to express the central statement. A thematic statement comes in one sentence, but at times, a thematic statement can also be made up of up to two sentences due to the much information relating to the theme they need to express in a clear manner.  When one expresses all points, it often takes time. When writing a thematic statement, this is one way that a writer can portray the plot’s characters and also tell what you will say about your essay.

In literature, themes are evident in most cases but not in all. This clearly indicates that one person may find something and another might not.

In simpler terms, a thematic statement is a central message of a literary work that an author wants to convey about a subject.

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Why is a thematic statement important?

This is a common question amongst many students. The reason why a thematic statement is important is because a thematic statement’s main aim is to give the person reading a spark of what the piece is going to be like before they even get to fully read it as a whole. A thematic statement also gives an insight to the reader on the primary message of the theme.

A thematic statement also provides background information showing how the author has constructed their piece of work. By giving the background information, the thematic statement is also going to give the reader an understanding of the argument’s point of origin.

Theme vs. a thematic statement

A theme and a thematic statement are two concepts that are fundamental in literature.

Let us first look at a theme before we move into the thematic statement.

A theme is something that a writer wants to tell the reader through writing a story. On the other hand, a thematic statement is going to give context, thus providing an understanding of what the theme is.

In simpler terms, a thematic statement is going to explain more about a theme. And the thoughts that the writer wants to tell the reader can be categorized as a theme. Whereas a thematic statement is going to give information about what a theme is.

A thematic statement also provides more information on what a theme is. Thus a thematic statement is going to tell you what a theme is if you have no idea what it is. Though the themes might be many, there is hidden information that the themes do not portray; thus, the thematic statement does this for you.

Now that you know what a thematic statement is and you can tell the difference between a thematic statement and a theme, it is now time to put into consideration how we can successfully construct a good thematic statement.

How to write a good thematic statement?

When one is writing a thematic statement, there is no way that can be specified through which one can write a good thematic statement. Though there is no specific structure or template to follow in order to write a thematic statement, there are some guidelines that we can use in order to create a good thematic statement

Below are the guidelines to follow:

  1. Create a list of topic themes

In your book, collect the different ideas that are present and create a good list of the ideas. Among the ideas, look at the ideas that you can back up by use of examples that are relevant and also by use of relevant facts. Amongst the ideas, use the ones that you can back up by use of the book.

  • Conduct research that is extensive

So that you can have a strong base before you start your writing. You are supposed to do some research. The first thing that you are supposed to do is to scan through the books and the blogs that relate to your main topic. The next step is you should think of what you want the readers to feel after reading your thematic statement.

  • Read other writers’ thematic statements.

When one reads someone else’s literally works, you can be able to reveal their thoughts and also their issues. A writer’s life interpretation, in most cases, is what they write in some of their literary works. So when you want to write a thematic statement, make sure that you properly read other writers’ thematic statements and have an idea of how other authors are writing their thematic statements.

  • Identify the areas of conflict.

In order to properly understand the themes, conflicts are usually important. This is because the conflicts are usually the ones that make the theme interesting. If you get to know the conflicts, then you get to have a better understanding of the theme.

  • Focus on the goal

One of the most important elements of your work is the thematic statement. This being important, then you are supposed to be brief when writing a thematic statement because all information is supposed to be mentioned in one sentence.

The thematic statement is supposed to communicate the message directly. No beating around the bush thus to not lose the thematic statement’s meaning.

  • Keep off from moral edict.

Here when writing a thematic statement, you are supposed to avoid telling people what they ought to do. Thus you should keep off from words like: should, must, and ought.

  • Avoid clinches

When writing a thematic statement, you should avoid clinches; thus, use the original statement in your thematic statement.

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Let us now Look at the thematic statement examples

Love thematic statement examples

  • Love can help us to be the best of ourselves
  • Love becomes dangerous if taken to extreme levels
  • Loving yourself no matter what can cause happiness in your life.

Identity thematic statement examples

  • It takes personal faith to succeed in some things
  • Others can only accept you if you only accept yourself
  • As you discover more about who you are, you realize that identity is not personal.
  • Life becomes much easier if you personally stay true to yourself

Fear thematic statement examples

  • Fear itself is the biggest thing to fear about
  • Fear is just a state of mind
  • Fear is even more dangerous than danger itself

Racism thematic examples

  • Fear is replacing racism: fear is superior and is Lesly driven by superiority.
  • Racism is often held under pretext of “them” vs. “us”

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SynonymsBecause And Because Of

Because And Because Of Synonyms

SynonymsBecause And Because Of

Explanations are an important aspect of writing. As a result, authors frequently employ the conjunctions “because” and “because of” to clarify relationships. These are primarily used to give explanations or arguments. There are, however, other words to use instead of because that provide the same stylistic role.

This term is used to change the course of action. In other words, ‘because of’ is used to explain why something is done. This article provides a list of words to use instead of because that can be used in writing your essays.

Because: Meaning and Application

Because; it introduces cause and reason clauses, it is a conjunction of subordination. This signifies that the clause it introduces is a subordinate clause that requires the main clause to finish. When the subordinate clause appears before the main phrase, we use a comma.

Words to replace Because And Because Of 

This word serves as a preposition in the phrase and is frequently followed by a clause that somewhat offsets the preceding action.

  • Sue, for example, lost her lover due to jealousy.
  • For example, how many pitching stars have been impacted by weather delays?
  • Select appropriate alternative options to clarify matters and eliminate unnecessary repeats.

How To Start a Sentence Without Because

Sometimes it may be a hard task to start your sentence without the word because but it is not impossible. Here are some words you can use to start your sentences instead of the word because:

1. Out of -This is used to explain feelings and emotions.

2. As – This proposition was widely used by writers instead of “because” or “because of.” It’s a close but secondary synonym for “because.”

For example, because they lacked wings, the strangers could not fly away, and if they leaped from such a height, they would certainly die.

3. As a result – This describes the outcomes and consequences.

e.g., He passed the test because of his high-test scores.

4. As long as – This signifies that if the action that has already occurred or will occur in the future is true, then the second action is also true.

5. Considering that – This phrase has the same meaning as the word “as long as.”

 6. From due to – This is the same as saying “as a result of,” and it serves as a preposition. It is commonly used to replace the phrase “because of.” It is used to describe why an action occurred or did not occur.

7. For – The following preposition is mostly employed in poetry, but its meaning is identical to “because” and “because of.”

8. From – This is used to describe feelings and emotions.

9. Due to – This has the same meaning as “because of.” Both alternatives are more formal than “because” and “because of.”

10. Since that – This is synonymous with the phrase “considering that.”

Since – This is a formal and secondary synonym for “because.” It mostly represents the execution time. As a result, its temporal and causal meanings are frequently misconstrued.

11. Thank you – Despite its ambiguous meaning, this expression might indicate either a favorable or bad outcome, e.g., I’m much stronger and healthier now, thanks to my fitness coach.

This term is used to explain emotions or feelings

Other because synonyms

  • As a consequence of
  • On account of
  • Owing to
  • After
  • by means of
  • by reason of
  • by virtue of
  • following
  • for the sake of
  • in the wake of
  • given
  • on grounds of
  • thanks to
  • on the strength of
  • through
  • with
  • based on
  • in view of

Follow these simple guidelines. They will assist you to make good use of because and because of synonyms:

  • improve the content
  • improve its readability
  • make the text more effective and focused

Remember to always make your writing language diverse. This will demonstrate to your teacher that you are an experienced and competent writer. It is usually a good idea to have unique materials with well-versed formulations.

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