Complete guide on how to make my essay longer

Complete guide on how to make my essay longer

When writing a college paper, the essay length is an important element that one is supposed to put lots of emphasis on. In this article, we are going to discuss on the tricks and trips of increasing my essay’s length. The length of an essay is important because this is one way to show your instructor or professor that you have fully read the credible sources of information and that you have grasped the important information, thus presenting the required information in detailed-length. A lengthy essay also portrays the amount of effort that has been placed into the essay. The determination to score more in the essay and many other factors that portray hard work in your academics. When writing an essay, among the factors that one should put into consideration, is the essay word count length, this is something that you should always keep in the back of your mind.

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One can be easily overwhelmed by the fact that you need to make your essay fulfill the essay word count length. If you want to make your essay longer, follow us at to learn more about the tricks and tips for making your essay longer. professional writers have presented the ways that you can follow to make your essay longer.

Ways to make your essay longer

When you are in wonder about how to lengthen your essay, the claims that you express in your essay are the first things that you should look at. Scan your essay again and check on the ideas that you are presenting. After you have scanned through the ideas presented in your essay, check if you backed up the ideas and main points that are present in your essay by the use of relevant examples and clear explanations. Suppose you observe that you did not back up the ideas in your essay. Then is an opportunity for you to lengthen your essay as you can use relevant examples and information from credible sources and back up your claims in your essay.

For example, take for instance that in your essay, you have claimed that the UFOS are a real deal. Here you can find examples to back up your ideas by including the eyewitness that had seen the events. On the other hand, you can use a credible sources like documentary references. This is supposed to apply to each and every idea that you present in your essay. When one backs up the claims and ideas presented in the essay, this, at times, impresses the instructor or your professor, thus also earning you an extra score.

When the above tactics are applied, the essay tends to be longer and even more exciting to read.

Follow for more information on how to make my essay more interesting to the reader.

You can also read how to format your essay in APA here.

Use transitional words and even phrases.

When one is writing an essay, the use of transitional words in the essay will automatically increase the length of your essay. As you gently and smoothly bring along your readers, the use of transitional words helps you to jump from one point to another. Transactional words not only give a smooth transition from one idea to the next but also makes the essay longer, thus ushering in a win/win situation.

If you need a list of transitional words, you can visit for a comprehensive list of transitional words and examples of how to use each effectively.

Try and reverse the outlining.

This is a simple thing to do when you are writing an essay. Just as it sounds, it is effective in making an essay longer. You are supposed to, after writing your essay, re-read the essay again and then make an outline that is based on what you have read. By doing this, you are going to come across points that do not make sense to the reader, and thus, they will need more explanations. At this point, you are going to explain further and in a detailed form, thus increasing the length of your essay.

Go over your prompt again.

This is maybe something that you may have done dozens of times. If you can’t figure out how to make your essay longer, you can do this one more time. As you are doing this, ask yourself if you have answered all the questions correctly. If all the professor’s questions have not been answered comprehensively, this is a chance for you to lengthen your essay by adding extra required information.

Use expert quotes

When writing an essay, you should take advantage of lengthy quotes that take up much space when writing. This is one of the tricks that you can use in order to lengthen your essay. However, as you are doing this, make sure that your essay is not filled up with too many unnecessary quotes. Your essay should also have some personal content that you should use when you are writing.

At, you can find a list of the most effective and well-known quotes. How to properly use these quotes.

Format you paragraphs

When you have already written your essay, and you find out that the word count is not fulfilling your word limit. Checking the formatting style is something that you should put into consideration. This is because, at most times, you may have omitted a step when formatting your essay. If you have omitted some steps, this means that you have skipped writing some paragraphs, thus leading to not having the number of required words.

Use more words

This may sound like a funny suggestion that may seem silly. But on the other hand, it is a very good trick that one must master when writing any type of essay considered to be lengthy.

Below are tricks that can help you to use more words than one:

Use the “to be” verbs 


When you are saying that “I eat quickly,” you can consider using the words, “I am a quick eater.”

When you are writing lengthy essays, be descriptive


Instead of saying, “we had fun at the fair.” You can say, “my cousin and I attended a fair last month. It was so much fun as we did fun activities like horse riding, taking the Ferris wheel, and even trying out different types of food at different restaurants”.

You can turn some verbs into nouns.

For example:

I arrived at a conclusion that… you can say this other than saying. I concluded that…

In conclusion

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