best words to start a paragraph


Lack of good ideas is not the main cause of failure, but the implementation of these ideas is the main thing that brings the difference between failure and success. Most of the time in our daily lives, we often think a lot about the next big thing. What we do not often think about is the availability of the big thing and what impact the big thing is going to cause in our lives. We do not often think of how the “big thing” is going to define us. This also applies when it comes to the authors. In most cases, the most successful writers are always having great stories and impactful arguments that they want to write about. These arguments and stories make us get stuck at the point of how we are going to start writing them. This is now where protutorservices professional writer team comes in handy. We present to you the “how to start a paragraph.” 

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The first thing that you should know about is how to start a paragraph, this is going to lead to how you are going to start writing the great and awesome ideas that are in your head.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to start a paragraph. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of how paragraphs can be made effective and how they can add to your score in your academic papers. Stick around till the end of the article and learn how to start a paragraph, write a paragraph and conclude a paragraph like an expert.

Paragraph starter writing help

If you are searching for the proper and correct words to begin your paragraph as you are writing your essay or the correct words to conclude the paragraphs of your essay. In this article, we will take you through the step-by-step procedure through which you are going to successfully write your paragraphs and thus communicate your ideas in a clear manner. There are a lots of effective ways that you can start a paragraph. The different ways are to be simultaneously used in order to produce an effective, winning essay.

Below are the main types of words that are used to successfully start a paragraph

  • Through the use of the synonyms of however

Take, for instance, if a writer uses the word ‘however’ in their work, they will get a penny for each ‘however’ word they would use. Then in the entire globe, privately owned islands would be in short because every writer would have his own island. On the other hand, this cannot happen, and thus let us look at other paragraph starters synonyms of the word,

  • However
  • Nonetheless
  • Despite this
  • Nevertheless
  • Alternatively

These are just but a few examples that can be used as paragraph starters.

  • Through the use of adverbs as paragraph starters

As it is said, lots of anything is unhealthy and not recommendable. In a sentence, the ‘ly’ words can very fast get overwhelming. On the other hand, if the ‘ly’ words are used at the start of a paragraph. Take, for instance, ‘consequently’ as a good transitional word. The word conversely gives way to presenting two counterarguments. The main thing that you should know is that you should at least use two ‘ly’ words in each paragraph.

Different words to start a paragraph

As a student, you may be asking yourself how you are going to start a paragraph effectively when writing your essay. In each paragraph, the beginning of it sets the tone of the essay. In this section, you are going to have to know more about the ‘w’ words. These words are why, who, where, and what. The following are the ways through which you can use the different paragraph starters to develop a good essay:

  1. Use the transitional words to make your essay more effective
  2. Use the paragraph starters to present the subject-verb structure
  3. Use the paragraph starters to transition your ideas correctly
  4. Use the sentence structure to change your writing for spoken language

List the most effective paragraph starters

  • Views on
  •  The central theme
  • Emphasize are
  • This essay discusses

In a paragraph that portrays the contrast

Below are some of the best transitional words to place as paragraph starters

  • Still
  • However
  • Instead
  • Comparatively
  • Otherwise
  • On the contrary
  • Never the less
  • Besides
  • Different from
  • On the other hand
  • Whereas
  • Other than
  • Outside of
  • On contrary

Adding information to the body paragraphs paragraph starters

  • Again
  • Moreover
  • Additional
  • Again
  • Not only
  • Whereas
  • Likewise
  • Couple with
  • Similarly
  • Corresponding
  • Furthermore
  • Identically

Show cause paragraph starters

  • Ordinarily
  • Singularly
  • Otherwise
  • Particularly
  • Unquestionably
  • Consequently
  • Generally speaking
  • Undoubtedly
  • For the most part
  • As a result
  • Hence
  • In this situation
  • Ordinarily
  • Otherwise

Emphasis paragraphs starters

  • Chiefly
  • Certainly
  • Above all
  • Certainly
  • As a rule
  • Granted

Paragraph starter for sentences that are rare

  • A few
  • Rarely
  • Uncommonly
  • Not many
  • Seldom

Common ideas paragraph

  • Many
  • Numerous
  • Almost all
  • Most
  • Usually
  • More than
  • Several
  • Usually
  • The majority
  • Mostly

Top paragraph starters inclusive topics

  • Several
  • Numerous
  • Many
  • The majority
  • Mostly
  • Several
  • Almost all
  • More than
  • Usually

Paragraph starters

  • Maybe
  • Debatably
  • Perhaps
  • There is limited evidence
  • For the lack of evidence

Paragraph starters in sentences that show evidence

  • Effectively
  • Hence
  • Apparently
  • After examining
  • The convergence
  • The relationship
  • Subsequently
  • It can be seen
  • As a result
  • Considerably
  • Predictably
  • Therefore
  • The result
  • The connection
  • With regard to

Background focus, paragraph starters

  • Formerly
  • Initially
  • Up until now
  • Over time
  • Historical
  • Originally
  • Earlier
  • In the past
  • The traditional interpretation
  • Formerly
  • Conventionally
  • Prior to this

Paragraph starters to show someone Else’s evidence

  • As explained by
  • With regard to
  • As stated by
  • Based on the ideas of
  • According to
  • As demonstrated
  • As disputed by
  • As mentioned  by

Paragraph starters to use in conclusion sections

  • Obviously
  • In conclusion
  • Overall
  • Thus
  • As expressed
  • Lastly
  • As a result
  • In essence
  • To sum up
  • By and large
  • In any case
  • In other words
  • All things considered

Tips and tricks on how to choose paragraph starters

There are tons and tons of starter words that one can choose to use as your paragraph starter. The ways that one can know if a paragraph starter is impactful and effective. Below are some of the things that you should consider before beginning to pick your paragraph starter words.

  1. You should put in mind how the paragraphs will transition from one to the other in a soft manner.
  2. Always put at the back of your mind what the previous paragraph was talking about, so that you do not repeat your points.
  3. Always have the appropriate paragraph starters that will help you in the transition from one paragraph to another.
  4. Immediately after using a paragraph starter, use a comma where necessary.
  5. Avoid reusing the same transitional word many times in the same paragraph and in the same essay.

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