how to use ‘are’ and ‘is.'

Guide on how to correctly use ‘are’ and ‘is.’

In this article we are going to discuss the following:

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  • Correct use of is and is examples
  • The difference between ‘are’ and ‘is.’

How and where to use are and is, at times, can be confusing to most students. You should not feel alone if you also get confused when using these two words. This is a mistake common to many. This is because both the words are and is have the same origin. When one is writing sentences that are complicated, confusion between are and is may occur.

In this article, we are going to discuss about how we are going to tackle this problem and put it to an end. After reading this article, you are going to get better and have a good understanding of the two words. The examples that are provided in this article are also going to help you to grasp and master the art of effectively using the two words are and is.

Before we dive deep into how to effectively use are and is, you will need to know the meaning behind each of the two words. When using these two words, are and is, you should always note that are and is are different forms of the term “to be.” This term can be used to define a quality, a state, a form of state, or an identity.

Below are some of the differences that are observable between are and is:

  • Are: third person plural present tense, second person singular, and first person plural of “to be”
  • Is: the third-person singular present tense of “to be”

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Examples of how to correctly use are and is

When one is using these two words in a sentence, one should take a look at how properly use these are and is words in sentences. Together with the examples, you can also see the specific circumstances in that you can use are or is. The use of these sentences is going to depend on the below factors.

When the entities are singular – when a noun that is present in a sentence is singular, at this point, you are supposed to use “is.”

For example:

The boy is running away from the cow

When the entities are plural – when the noun is plural, then you have to use “are.”

For example:

The boys are running away from the cow

When there are collective nouns – when you are talking about a group that is singular or even in plural then this, at most times, this where the confusion comes in. At this point, they are referred to as a single entity. This tells us that you are going to use is.

Below is an example of what we are communicating about:

The couple is going to meet with the pastor at the pack.

The school board is raising money for needy children.

  • With mass nouns – this is applied when you want to talk about an item that can’t be counted. The uncountable items can be sand, sugar, and salt, to mention but a few. The uncountable items are considered singular. Thus you are supposed to use the word “is.”

The sugar is more expensive this month than it was last month.

Salt is one of the cocking ingredients that is used in almost all dishes

  • When applying indefinite pronouns – when you are using the words like ‘somebody’ or ‘anyone,’ then you are going to consider it as a singular. Thus you will use the word ‘is.’

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Tips and tricks to remember the use of ‘are’ and ‘is.’

Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you remember and know when to use ‘is’ and ‘are.’

  • Always identify if the noun is in singular form or is it in the plural. Always remember that for singular, you will use ‘is,’ and for plural, you are going to use ‘are.’
  • Always consider in which form you are writing.

Third person: ‘is’ to be used in the singular, and ‘are’ to be used in plural subjects.

Second person: for both singular and plural use, ‘are.’

First-person: plural subjects use the word ‘are.’

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