how to format an APA title page

Guide on how to format an APA title page

In all APA writings, a title page is a requirement. The main aim of writing a title page when writing in the APA format is to present the title. Your APA title page is supposed to be effectively and correctly written, thus presenting the title of the paper. This is just but the beginning of the APA title page requirements. When one is writing an APA title page, this is the first opportunity that the writer is awarded for communicating with the reader.

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When it comes to writing an APA title page for learners, this is an opportunity for the learner to tell the class he/she is in, the name of the instructor, and also give the institutional affiliation. On the other hand, when it comes to matters relating to the APA title page that is written by professional writers, this is usually a chance for the professional writers to present a conflict or information that is in relation to the main topic at hand.

When writing an APA title page, the APA usually advises two formats through which you can write your APA title page. In the two APA title page formats, one is distinguished to be used by the students, and obviously, the other is to be applied by professional writers. In this article, we are going to talk about the two APA title page formats and also give their differences. Our professional writers are also going to give examples that will help you to have a better understanding of the two.

In this article, we are going to provide information in regard to the 7th APA publication manual edition. In sections 2.1 and also section 2.8, you are going to find information that talks more about the APA title page.

Below are some of the things that we are going to talk about in this article:

Student’s APA title page and the professional APA title page – the differences.

In the professional APA title page and in the students’ APA title page both require the author’s name and the title of the paper. In both of the APA title pages types, include a 1-inch indentation all around and at the top right corner indicate a page number.

The main difference between the professional APA title page and the student’s APA title page is that in the professional title page, here, the author’s note is required and also the running head. On the other hand, some of these elements may be made a requirement by the professor when writing a student’s APA title page. Internalizing and understanding both of the APA title page formats and also telling their difference is something that is good and important to a student because you will never get confused by the two APA title page formats.

Let us know to start with the student’s APA title page.

Student’s APA title page

For any APA paper, the thesis is the basic thing to note when one is writing any type of APA title in any work to be submitted, either for a class assignment or work for any other purpose. Below are some of the main things that you are required to include in your student’s APA title page

  • Your paper’s title
  • The author
  • The institutional affiliation
  • The number and name of the course
  • The professor’s name
  • The DATE
  • Lastly, the page number

Before you write any information on your title page, you are supposed to look at the instruction given by your professor because, in some instances, the professor may require you to add some information when you are formatting your APA title page.

The Professional APA title page

When writing a professional APA title page, one is required to skip two things the date and the class information.

However, even the without including the two elements mentioned above, the below information is supposed to be included:

  • The title page
  • The author’s info
  • The organizational affiliation
  • The authors note
  • At the top, the Running head
  • The page number

Now that you know the difference between the two. Let us now dive deeper into the APA title page.

Elements present in the APA title page

In APA title page, below is more detailed information on each of the sections of the APA title page.

  • The Title

In this section of the APA title page, the author is required to both engage and inform the reader. This is the reason as to why the Title of an APA title page is important. The title of an APA paper is supposed to be written through the use of fewer words to avoid being wordy.

For your title to be effective, it has to fulfill the following:

  • Properly explain to the reader your paper’s main topic
  • Engage the reader
  • Explain theoretical issues and relevant examples.

At all times, when writing an APA paper title page, you are supposed to write it three to four lines from the paper’s top margin. The title is supposed to be typed in bold. It should be paged-centered.

  • The author/ byline

The name of the writer is supposed to be written as follows:

The first name, the middle initial, and the last name.

When writing the name of the writer, one is supposed to keep off and avoid any mistaken identity. Every year, tons and tons of papers are published. This increases the probability of someone else having a similar surname as you do.

When writing the name of the author, all the digress and licenses are omitted.

For example, Ph.D.…Professors…RN…  Dr and others are not to be included when writing the author’s name.

Some papers may have more than one author. Thus when listing their names, this is supposed to be carried out as follows:

1st author’s first name, middle initial & 2nd author’s first name, the middle initial and the last name

Example: Maxwell K. Benjamin & Jackson M. Cassandra

  • Affiliation

In this section, you are supposed to name the place where the work was conducted. In this section, you can also mention the person that worked on the paper. However, this section is always filled with organization. It may be a university, college, or any other organization. For different authors, there are different affiliations. This may be the case for one author, who can have different associations.

  • Academic affiliations

These affiliations may include colleges, universities, and other learning institutions. The teaching hospitals can also be added to this list. In this section of affiliation, you are supposed to add the department in specific, then this is followed by the institution’s name, and this information is supposed to be on the same line. The institution’s location is supposed to be added last in this line, but it is not a must to include the location.

Below is just an example of how an academic affiliation is supposed to look like:

Department of engineering, Nairobi University

  • Non-academic affiliations

When one is refereeing to as non-academic, this indicates that this organization does not relate to a learning institution. When it comes to writing about a non-academic institution, here you are supposed to write the division or the department, then it is followed by the name, and lastly, the location. When writing or typing the above elements, they are supposed to be separated by the use of commas.

Below is an example of how to write a non-academic organization.

Vident health, Evergreen, South Africa

  • Name and Course number

Just as the name and course number appear on the university materials, use the names exactly as they are.


  • PSYC 2206: research methodology
  • ENG 309: Modern Language Literature
  • Instructor name

When writing an APA title page, indicating the name of the professor is very important. When you are naming his academic levels, e.g., the multiple degrees he/she has, you are not supposed to be making assumptions and guessing.

Use other learning materials like a timetable and his official name used in his office to see how your professor’s name is labeled. You may even ask the professor for guidance.

  • The DUE date

Write the Day, Month, and Year in the due date section.

  • The page number

At the topmost right corner of your paper, this is where you are supposed to place the page number. The page number is supposed to be visible on every page of your work.

  • The author’s note

The author’s note is only applied only, in professional papers. In this section, the author gives more information, conflicts, disclaimers, and information that pertains to funding. If the author has more additional information to give, this can lead to having an author’s note. The author’s note is usually lengthy in size.

The author’s note includes the following sections:

  • The scientific authors’ ID
  • Affiliation changes
  • Acknowledgments and disclosures
  • Information contact.
  • The Running Head

 A running head is, at most times, applied when one is writing a paper that can be given for publication. This is a short form of your paper title that is going to help the readers identify the title. The running head is not only on the APA page title but also on the rest of the pages in the paper.

Below is an example:


  • APA page title

In this section of this article, we are going to look at examples of APA page titles, how they should look and how they can be easily typed.

Let us start with the professional APA title page formatting.

Student APA title page formatting

Student APA title page formatting

APA title page formatting
  • APA title page formatting confusion

When writing a paper in APA, you should make it a requirement to always format the APA title page properly. Make sure that all the required information is provided.

How to effortlessly format your APA title page

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