how to write a biography essay

How To Write a Biography Essay for an A+ Grade

how to write a biography essay

How to write a biography essay for an A+ grade may be one of the most challenging papers you will have to write in your academic life. Unlike the other kind of essays that you will be writing, the biography essay is about an individual. Therefore, you must be extra careful to note what is required and accurate. 

If you are not careful writing a biography essay, you may end up confusing your readers and yourself. 

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When writing a biography essay, you do not write your ideas. Instead, you ought to do a lot of research and practice writing skills so you can come up with an A+ type of biography essay

In this article, Protutor services essay writers will explain how to write a biography essay that guarantees you an A+ in your studies. But first, let’s understand what a biography essay is, after which you will be in a position to know how different it is from the other essay writings you have done in your academic life. 

explain how to write a biography essay that guarantees you an A+
explain how to write a biography essay that guarantees you an A+

What Is a Biography Essay 

Before you understand how to write a biography essay, you need to be in a position to answer the question: what is a biography essay?

A biographical essay is an academic paper that requires you to tell a story about someone else or write about a personal biography essay. It is mostly about their lives or achievements in their careers. In simple terms, it is an account of someone’s life written by someone else. 

In some instances, a biography essay can be short, or it can be long enough to fill a book.

The short biographical essays give basic facts about the person you are rewriting about, while the long ones give all the details of the person’s life. 

Therefore, as a writer, you should know what to include in your biography essay to make it attractive to your readers. Whether short or long, be sure to capture what is necessary to complete your biographical essay and stand out from the rest. 

Now that you understand what a biography essay is, how do you write a biography essay?

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How To Write a Biography Essay 

For you to write a high-score biography essay, there are certain things or factors you ought to put into consideration. Always remember that your opinion does not count when writing a biography essay. Whether you are writing about your friend’s relative or a famous person in society, you stick to the facts about the individuals, not what you think about them. 

Also, you may be tasked to write about a person who is still alive or dead, but they will have a rich story that will make it easy for you to write about them. 

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Here are some of the elements to put into consideration when writing a biography;

1. Basic Facts About the Person 

Depending on the length of the biography essay you are writing, ensure that you are aware of the facts you will include. Also, be clear about how deep you will explain the points you are stating in the biography essay.

A paragraph with general facts should have facts such as;

  • Date and place of birth/death 
  • Education background
  • Professional experience 
  • Areas of expertise 
  • Currently, the location of the residence 
  • Major achievements 

You do have to include all of them, especially if you are doing short biographical essays but consider what makes the most sense and sheds light on the story of the person you are writing about. 

2. Include In-Depth Information

The deeper you go, the more enjoyable your biographical essays will be, but this may not be the case if the biography essay oils short. A more extended biography allows you to include more facts about the person and explain in detail. In a more extended biographical essay, you may have the following;

Birth And Childhood; 

where they were born and how their childhood was. 

Where they were raised 

Adult Life;

Significant events in the person’s adult life 


A central turning point in their life 


If the biography is about a person who is dead, then you may include circumstances surrounding their demise and the legacy they have left behind.

Interesting Facts include exciting stories about the individual’s life, picking things that will engage the reader, and ensuring that the purpose of the biography is not eroded. 

Quotes About the Person:

This may include quotes that the person you are writing about is identified with. This applies especially y if the person has been the subject of books and articles 

Photos of the person Include the best pictures of the person illustrating the events you have captured in the biography 

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3. Your Audience 

When writing a biographical essay, and in this case, a biography essay, it is prudent to be clear on the audience you are writing for. This is the point that will determine the shape or style of your bio. To better get the audience you are writing to, you ought to ask yourself these questions why the biography is needed? Who will be reading it? Once you have the right answers to the two questions, focus on the areas of the person’s life that will resonate with the audience. 

4. Your Focus 

Knowing how to split the biography essay and what topics you want to cover will help you decide what information is most important. For example, if your biography essay focuses on someone’s service in a war, you wouldn’t need to spend much time on their early job as a salesman unless it influenced their conduct during the war. 

A good example is if you are writing about a student, then your biographical essay will focus on their current information and future goals, not their birthplace or upbringing. 

5. Fill in The Details 

You are the determinant of the information you will include in the biographical essay. But it is good to remember that your biography has to capture the basic facts like the time and place the person lived. Most other details will depend on the situation and the writer. 

Learn basics of biography writing
Learn basics of biography writing

Biography Essay Outline

Like other essays, a biography essay outline also takes the same shape as;

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs 
  3. Conclusion

An essential biography essay should be in five parts because the body paragraphs are divided into sections. 

The outlines help you stick to the facts by keeping your thoughts in order, and also you will never miss a single point as long as you have an overview. 


This is the first part of the biographical essay and will determine if your readers will keep reading or give up.

Therefore, your first sentence of your personal biography essay should be a hook to keep your reader reading. A hook can be an attention-grabbing sentence in the form of a question, facts about the person you are writing about, or a quote describing them.

Conclude the introduction with a thesis statement describing the importance of your biography. 

Body Paragraphs 

If you are doing a standard five-paragraph biographical essay, then your body will have three paragraphs. 

You can classify the body to cover 

  • Childhood 
  • School years 
  • Current situation

Every paragraph starts with a topic sentence to let the reader know what you are talking about in each paragraph. Be careful not to exaggerate the facts that you will be given in the different paragraphs. 


After you finish the body paragraphs, you draw to a close of your biography. Like all the other types of essays, you will be writing. The biography essay conclusion should capture what you have written about in the whole essay in summary. 

Tips On Writing a Biography Essay and Getting A+

Below are additional tips for writing an excellent biography 

  • Always use chronological order when listing events in a biography essay. A standard chronological order makes it easy for your readers to understand what you are writing about.
  • Only Write biographical essays about events in the person’s life that influenced their life and achievements, not just anything that happened in their lives.
  • When writing a biography essay, ensure that you give an impartial insight into the life of the person you are writing about. Your readers are not interested in your opinion about the person, especially if they are negative. 

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