informative essay

How To Write an Informative Essay A Comprehensive Guide

informative essay

Did you know that most of the essays you are tasked to write are informative essaysInformative essays are written at any stage of academia; therefore, you need to understand how to write an informative essay that stands out from the rest.

An informative essay is one of the essential papers that any university or college student will be required to write. Therefore, you will be required to give it some quality time and come up with clever ideas, good analytical skills, and writing prowess to develop an essay that satisfies your readers.

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Before we delve into how to write an informative essay, it’s essential to understand what kind of paper an informational essay is.

What Is an Informative Essay 

There are many definitions given to this type of writing, but in simple terms, an informative essay is a paper that provides information. An informational essay enables the reader to understand a given topic better.

As a writer, consider yourself lucky if you are asked to write an informational essay since it’s the most straightforward task you can ever get.

When writing an informative essay, your opinion is not required. Your work is to describe a subject to educate a reader about a particular thing. Good examples of informational essays are Wikipedia articles since all they do is provide you with information on given topics.

At this point, it is clear that when doing an informative essay, you stick to the facts, and you are not allowed to sway the reader’s thoughts or make them change their beliefs concerning the subject matter. But if you feel that doing an informative essay is still a challenge, do not worry Proto Tutors Services tutors are here to sort you.

How To Write an Informational Essay

So, how is an informative essay written? For you to write an exceptional informative essay, you must do the following:

1.    Understand Your Assignment

To write a great informative essay, you are supposed to ensure that you select the best topic and research it thoroughly. Also, understand who your audience is before you embark on writing any informational essay.

These facts will enable you to decide on the amount of information you will give out in your informative essay.

Ensure you understand what your tutor requires of you in the assignment. For example;

The sources he wants you to site in your reference section. Under normal circumstances, academic essays are written in the Times New Romans or Aerial 12-pt font size. You can only decide to use this font size if your tutor has not specified his preference.

Know the date when your informative essay is supposed to be submitted. Ensure you start on time so you can have plenty of time to finish your assignments.


2.    Choose A Topic

If a topic has not been given, you will be left with the task of coming up with your title for your informative essay. At this point, it’s easy to get stuck, especially if you have a variety of topics to choose from for your informational essay. But don’t worry. Here are some things to check out so you can end up with the best topic for your informational essay.

Ensure that the topic you pick is not too broad or narrow. The topic you choose should have enough information to write about in the essay. Your duty here is to ensure that your reader gets as much information on the said topic as possible.

Therefore, choosing a narrow topic will slim your chances of giving more details.

On the other hand, if it is too broad, you may give information that is not required for the assignment. Therefore, a medium topic would be your best choice.

Finally, the topic must pique your curiosity. Write about anything you are interested in or passionate about. You will have an easy time writing an informative essay on a topic you have interested in that you barely know.

3.    Research

Excellent and thorough research on an informative essay ensures that the final paper is of excellent quality. The information you give at this point must be accurate and articulate your issues in an orderly way so your reader can easily understand.

Engage your librarian on the best sources of information or use the internet to get reliable content. Check out informative essays from reputable organizations to enable you to come up with an accurate paper.

4.    Take Notes

As you research your informational essay, taking notes is essential in ensuring that you do not lose focus and deviate from the main topic. An introduction, body, and conclusion are required for a super informative essay.

Therefore, jotting down notes as your research will let you know what point goes where, whether it’s the introduction, the conclusion, or the body.

5.    Note Your Sources

Remember you must quote your sources at the end of the informative essay. Therefore, keep track of your sources. They include the author’s title, Copywrite information, publisher, and website if needed.

6.    Brainstorming

This is the final preparation stage before you develop the structure of your informative essay. At this stage, you arrange all your notes in relevant groups or clusters, making it easy for you to see how they are connected.

You can use lists, idea maps, or free writing. This depends on your preference.

How To Structure Your Informative Essay

If you have no idea or are confused about how to write an informative outline, don’t worry. It’s similar to any other paper you will do during your coursework. Like any other paper, an informative essay outline has three major parts. 

  • The introduction 
  • The body 
  • A conclusion

At the end of every paper, do not forget to include your sources/ reference. An informative essay‘s body paragraphs may differ depending on the topic you are working on. So, it’s good to be keen when choosing your topic.

In the conclusion of your informative essay, do not forget to remind the reader of the main idea. Also, in the thesis, ensure that you stress the importance of the topic and do not make it sound argumentative. 

An informative essay outline should elaborate on the following points:

The origin of the problem. This is the main topic of the informative essay. Here you can delve into the history of the idea under discussion. The deeper you go, the better for the reader since they will be able to understand the information you will give them later in the body of the essay. 

Process: here, you take your time to explain what researchers in your chosen topic have developed different ideas around it. Describe how it works for your reader to have a broad scope of information. For example, if you are talking about exercises, you should give information about what researchers in this field have discovered about different types of workouts. 

Benefits: What are the advantages of the topic of interest in your essay? For example, you are talking about specific weight loss diets. What are the advantages of your reader following the diets? 

what is an informative essay
what is an informative essay

An Informative Essay Introduction

An informative essay introduction is the number one feature of an informative essay outline. It has to contain a hook. A hook sentence in an informative essay introduction is the best way to start an informative essay.

A couple of sentences an informative essay introduction pique your reader’s attention, such as eye-opening figures or queries that will make the reader think and desire to learn more.

Background facts are also an addition to an informative essay introduction, followed by a thesis statement and a transition sentence.

An Informative Essay Thesis

After an informative essay introduction, a thesis follows. A thesis is one of the integral parts of how to start an informative essay. It elaborates on the main topic of your informative essay. To bring out the best in the subject of your informative essay, ensure that your thesis is narrowed down to fit the required word count. As always, include a logical transition sentence to the next part of your informative essay, which is the body.

The Informative Essay Body

 The body of your informative essay is the part between the introduction and the conclusion. At this stage, you are allowed to expound on your thesis statement and grab your readers’ attention with facts, reports, and statistics.

The body of an informative essay should have several paragraphs since this is where you provide more details on your topic of discussion.

The several paragraphs of the informative essay body should elaborate on a significant point.

Use every paragraph to elaborate on the given topic, giving supporting details, examples, quotations, facts, and examples of the matter.

Conclusion of an Informative Essay

This includes a recap of every area of your essay according to the informative essay outline. An informative essay conclusion should include;

  • The thesis
  • A summary of the body paragraphs
  • A final word

Ensure that your conclusion is not far-fetched; it should be a summary of the main points of your informative essay. Do not add new information that is nowhere in the text to avoid confusion for your readers.

Ensure that the end of your article leaves your reader yearning for more and is therefore encouraged to research more on the topic.

How Do You Write an Informative Essay?

How do you start your informative essay? You have worked on the main points of your informative essay and have come up with the outline. Now it’s time to put your ideas down on paper. What are the steps you should follow in displaying your informative essay outline?

Write A Rough Draft

Like any other paper, to write a high-quality, informative essay, you must start with a rough draft. Here is where an outline for an informative essay should guide you. Take every point in your outline and add flesh to turn each point into an entire paragraph.

Do not be worried about miss-spelling or any other mistakes; stay focused on putting down your points since you will have time to edit later. You can write using pen and paper or type it.

Give Each Paragraph a Topic Sentence

The first sentence in every paragraph should give your reader precisely what topic you are talking about. It can also transition from the previous paragraph’s main subject to the new one.

Ensure that each paragraph has a clear relation to the essay’s thesis statement, has a logical relationship with the ideas in the paragraph, and is clearly explained and supported.

Essay Parts Structures

As earlier stated, an outline for an informative essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In a nutshell, your paragraph structure in each part of the informative essay should follow the claim-evidence-explanation format.

Masking the use of supporting evidence to expand the paragraph topic is welcome as long as it does not deviate from the main subject. To keep your writing in check, keep referring to your informative essay outline regularly.

Edit Your Informative Essay Rough Draft

You are almost done with your paper. Now it’s time to read through your essay and edit where necessary to give it the desired flow.

Things to consider when editing include:

  • Have you given your reader all the information they need
  • Is your thesis statement clear
  • Are your paragraphs in the body articulating different points, and do they have a creative flow?
  • How is the grammar of your informative essay? Is it okay? if your essay none plagiarized? Are your points clear?
  • Does your conclusion paint the perfect picture of your thesis and all the other points you have put down
  • Also, are your citations correct as instructed by your teacher?


Final Draft

After going through your informative essay and editing it thoroughly, it is time to write the final draft. Doing a final draft should not be a big deal. Ensure that your informative essay is coherent. Ensure that the C-E-E formular is followed strictly.

Final Language and Proofreading

At this stage in your writing, you must ensure that your informative essay is logical and follows a particular tone. Anywhere that sounds awkward should be revised.

For example, if you use one word, as discussed, several times in your essay, it will sound unpolished. Finally, you proofread your final draft after ensuring that every part is in order and you are ready to submit.

Advantages Of Informative Essay Writing

  • Informative essay writing is good for illustrations. In this type of informative essay, a different situation is used to develop the essay’s main points.
  • Informative essays can be used to expand a particular cause-and-effect scenario. It helps a reader understand the effects of a specific situation or scenario on something else.
  • Informative essays can elaborate on the importance of given ideas in simple steps that are easy to follow. An informative essay is the best option if you are doing a pepper that needs step-by-step explanations.
  • Informative essays can be used to share new information that is meant to introduce your reader to report they are not familiar with
  • Informative essays are great in Clarification of different concepts of the given ideas.


Informative Essay Topics

Informative Essay Topics
Informative Essay Topics

Informative essay topics can be classified into the following categories

  • Social issues
  • Historical topics
  • Educational topics
  • Business topics
  • Religious topics

Here are examples of how to write informative essay topics under each category

Social issues Informative Essay Topics

  • Gambling’s detrimental impact on one’s personal and social life
  • What are the most common causes of eating problems in humans?
  • Censorship in modern society, the arts, and the media
  • The primary causes of water pollution
  • What were the worldwide pandemic’s consequences for the world and economy?
  • The significance of education in the twenty-first century
  • Bullying is a concern in today’s classrooms.
  • Is it possible to prevent and reduce child abuse?
  • The consequences of environmental degradation
  • The most important causes and consequences of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Educational Informative Essay topics

Here are ten terrific topic ideas for your informative essay on education to get you started:

  • University education at the world’s best universities
  • The implications of heavy video game use on academic performance among students
  • Sports as a component of an excellent educational program
  • The importance of books in academic research in the twenty-first century
  • The critical abilities that influence a student’s intellectual development
  • What are the adverse effects of standardized testing on a student’s overall performance?
  • Homework throughout the summer break
  • The leadership position in the classroom
  • we should abandon the traditional grading system 
  • Summer classes are less productive than autumn classes.

Historical Informative Essay topics

Here are some interesting historical subjects for an informative essay at A-level:

  • Discuss ethical concepts concerning the Vietnam War.
  • Slavery’s history and foundations in the United States of America
  • The main reasons for the Civil War
  • What was the cultural impact of native Americans on our society?
  • Analysis of the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation
  • What impact did the Declaration of Independence have on US history?
  • The Civil Rights Movement’s Impact
  • The most divisive problems in American foreign policy in the twenty-first century in the twenty-first century
  • Interwar period examination
  • The impact of industrialization on social movements in the United States

Business Informative Essay topics

Consider the following relevant topic ideas while writing a fascinating, informative essay on business:

  • Consumerism’s role in modern business
  • Marketing and branding as primary sales triggers
  • How has e-commerce affected business development in the twenty-first century?
  • The consequences of demonetization
  • What role do human resources play in today’s business environment?
  • Data as the primary asset for corporate decision making
  • Is it possible to have socioeconomic inequality?
  • Today’s most critical economic methods
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 economic crisis
  • The significance of industrial corridors in the economy and business

Religious Topics

Here are some excellent religious essay topics:

  • What is religion, and what is its role in society?
  • In the modern world, common religious dogmas.
  • In the twenty-first century, how do technology and faith coexist?
  • Religion and the church’s influence on our personalities
  • Christianity’s origins and history
  • New religious movements that can be seen today
  • What is the place of religion in politics?
  • Is there still room for debate between science and religion?
  • Religion’s Place in the Workplace
  • How did religion and the church influence human evolution?

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