How To Write in Cursive

How To Write in Cursive

How To Write in Cursive

Cursive writing is the writing every student must know because you will be required to use it at some point in your course.

It’s a form of penmanship where you write by connecting letters of a word in an italicized or looped handwriting style.

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Unlike the other usual writing you can easily do via the computer, cursive writing will require you to use a pen and paper to master the style.

All you have to do is learn how to connect the letters. You only get to master this by practicing again and again. Remember that as you join the cursive letters, your writing has to be clear enough for your reader to see clearly what you are writing.

The most common place you will be required to use cursive writing is when you are doing a listicle or a rough draft of an essay. Also, students learn to write in cursive as a form of creativity and handwriting.


Importance Of Cursive Writing

What are the advantages of learning cursive writing? Learning how to write in cursive helps the student in the following way:

  • Improved memory
  • Cursive writing has proven to be therapy for dyslexia
  • If you are after getting better grades, then cursive writing will enable you to get just that
  • Improved writing abilities
  • It helps in the development of good motor skills
  • Increase in cognitive abilities

How To Learn Cursive Writing

If you are ready to learn cursive writing, then the following are the tools you will need to make your learning easy:

  • A pencil; Any pencil will do as long as it is comfortable when holding it.
  • An eraser. An eraser comes in handy when practicing cursive writing since you will make mistakes before you get a grip of what you are doing. Having an eraser will allow you to erase your mistakes easily.
  • Black ink pen
  • A practice sheets. A simple lined paper will do

With the above tools, you are now ready to start cursive learning.

How To Learn to Write in Cursive

Do you remember when you started writing for the first time in your life? You began by writing  the alphabet. The same case applies when you learn how to write in cursive. You will begin by practicing how to write the different cursive letters of the alphabet on cursive. After mastering the alphabet, you are ready to start doing words.

Get a grasp of each cursive letter‘s position since each letter has the line on which they are written. Also, take note of the shape of the letter. Remember, in learning cursive, the cursive letters are slanting, italicized, and connected.

Sloping letters is another skill that you should learn in this writing style. It starts at the bottom of the body line. When learning how to write in cursive, it becomes clear that most letters finish in a stroke at the top baseline.

Some cursive letters contain loops. It depends; they can be at the bottom or top of the letter. It all depends on the letter that was written. Let us now proceed to the step-by-step process of learning to write in cursive.

How to learn cursive letters

Begin by learning each uppercase and lowercase alphabet separately. Step-by-step letter construction, followed by word and sentence development, will aid in learning cursive writing. Do not be in a rush to practice again and again until you can connect the letters properly.

Cursive alphabet

Here you will learn how to write cursive letters of the alphabet. It’s the first step to learning cursive writing. Before, it was the only way of learning cursive courses before the computer age. Nowadays, typing is taught, therefore, you need to be patient to master this art of cursive writing.

How to write cursive letters in Lower Case

To easily learn lowercase cursive letters, start by learning the letter U., It’s the easiest letter to write in cursive. Other letters are;

 b, f, h, l, k, I, m, n, p, s, r, t, u, w, x, y

The above cursive letters are the easiest to learn because they have one stroke since most of them remain within the top and bottom lines.

After you have mastered the easy letters in cursive, you can now give the letter ‘o” an attempt. Afterward, you can try letters like b, f, and k. These letters are harder to master when learning cursive writing. So, you will need more practice to get them right.

Afterward, you can try the other letters with curved strokes such as a, g, and o.

Learning to write lowercase cursive letters is a huge step in becoming a pro in cursive writing. Therefore, ensure that you get it right before attempting any other letters.

cursive writing
cursive writing


How To Write Cursive Letters in Upper Case

After you have mastered the lowercase cursive letters, it’s now time to learn how to write cursive letters in upper case.

You can start with the following letters in uppercase C, G, E, L, and O. pro tutor services experts advise that you start with the letter L and then try the other letters after you have mastered L.

After the first set of cursive letters is done, you can proceed to do R. R is the hardest letter to write in cursive, but once you have gotten it right, the rest becomes easy.

A Cursive Letter Font

Just like any other type of writing, your cursive letters need to be in a certain font style. Sometimes you will be required to create something fancy like a wedding card or something professional; you do is use different cursive fonts. But don’t overdo it, as it makes your cursive writing untidy. At protutor, we recommend that you use the following fonts

  • Shelley Script
  • Citadel Script
  • Buffet Script
  • Hummingbird
  • Creamy Script
  • Ragatz Script
  • Ritts Cursive
  • Belinda
  • Style Script
  • Bendo Script
  • Brody
  • Allura
  • Aquafina Script Pro
  • Blackjack
  • Caballero
  • Columbine Light
  • Kuenstler Script
  • Fancier Script

Although when you learn how to write in cursive, you are free to choose the font style you want, but be sure to study them carefully before deciding which Font suits you best.

Practice More Often

As you know, practice makes perfect. Therefore, for you to be a master in cursive writing, you have to practice regularly. Commit some time in your busy schedule to practice and prioritize it to become an expert at cursive writing.

You can also make it a point to write all your essay drafts in cursive, then type the final copy in a word document. Continuous practice will give you experience in writing cursive letters.

Cursive Writing Tips

  • Begin your adventure by mastering the lowercase letters.
  • Start with the easy letters, such as U or O, as they only have one stroke, then progress to the harder letters.
  • To gain confidence and comfort with the writing style, copy and trace the letters.
  • Select a suitable font for your cursive letters
  • After you’ve mastered all the lowercase letters, move on to the uppercase or capital letters and use the same copy and trace method.
  • Make time to practice every day and commit to at least 20-30 minutes.
  • Keep it nice and clean; don’t overuse or overwrite it.
  • Begin slowly; there is no need to rush the procedure. Write with grace and elegance.
  • Handwritten text is more personal than typed material on a computer screen.
  • In the beginning, consider writing on ruled paper. It is the best kind of paper for cursive writing.
  • You can download cursive writing sheets or trace the letters
  • Do not apply pressure on your pen when writing cursive letters
  • Using a lined paper is a plus in how to learn cursive writing

Where To Get More Information on Cursive Writing

You can learn some more on how to write in cursive by using

  • YouTube video tutorials,
  • looking at different how to write cursive worksheets on the internet
  • Reading more on cursive writing   

Learning Cursive writing is so enjoyable that you will choose to write rather than type. You’ll prefer writing them down on paper; as a result, you’ll recall most of what you scribble down. It improves your ability to retain knowledge.

Do You Need Extra Help?

Cursive learning can be challenging, but it’s a valuable skill to acquire. At times you may need help with other forms of writing so you can dedicate your time to learning cursive writing. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to contact protutor Essay Help services experts. We are happy and ready to help ease the pressure of the other papers so you can master the art of cursive writing.

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