how to write a thematic statement

Guide on how to write a thematic statement – examples, and step by step

Below are some of the topics that we are going to discuss in this article.

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In academic essay writing, there are important elements that every student is supposed to know about. Amongst the most important elements in academic essay writing is a thematic statement. A thematic statement is usually made up of one or two sentences that are usually expressing the themes in the work been discussed. This work does not really have to be an essay. It can be other literary works.

When one is trying to compose a thematic statement, for it to be impactful and for it to turn out to be a good thematic statement, one has to understand not only the online blogs but also other dense and complex literary works.

What is a thematic statement?

When one is writing an essay, a thematic statement is usually used to express the central statement. A thematic statement comes in one sentence, but at times, a thematic statement can also be made up of up to two sentences due to the much information relating to the theme they need to express in a clear manner.  When one expresses all points, it often takes time. When writing a thematic statement, this is one way that a writer can portray the plot’s characters and also tell what you will say about your essay.

In literature, themes are evident in most cases but not in all. This clearly indicates that one person may find something and another might not.

In simpler terms, a thematic statement is a central message of a literary work that an author wants to convey about a subject.

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Why is a thematic statement important?

This is a common question amongst many students. The reason why a thematic statement is important is because a thematic statement’s main aim is to give the person reading a spark of what the piece is going to be like before they even get to fully read it as a whole. A thematic statement also gives an insight to the reader on the primary message of the theme.

A thematic statement also provides background information showing how the author has constructed their piece of work. By giving the background information, the thematic statement is also going to give the reader an understanding of the argument’s point of origin.

Theme vs. a thematic statement

A theme and a thematic statement are two concepts that are fundamental in literature.

Let us first look at a theme before we move into the thematic statement.

A theme is something that a writer wants to tell the reader through writing a story. On the other hand, a thematic statement is going to give context, thus providing an understanding of what the theme is.

In simpler terms, a thematic statement is going to explain more about a theme. And the thoughts that the writer wants to tell the reader can be categorized as a theme. Whereas a thematic statement is going to give information about what a theme is.

A thematic statement also provides more information on what a theme is. Thus a thematic statement is going to tell you what a theme is if you have no idea what it is. Though the themes might be many, there is hidden information that the themes do not portray; thus, the thematic statement does this for you.

Now that you know what a thematic statement is and you can tell the difference between a thematic statement and a theme, it is now time to put into consideration how we can successfully construct a good thematic statement.

How to write a good thematic statement?

When one is writing a thematic statement, there is no way that can be specified through which one can write a good thematic statement. Though there is no specific structure or template to follow in order to write a thematic statement, there are some guidelines that we can use in order to create a good thematic statement

Below are the guidelines to follow:

  1. Create a list of topic themes

In your book, collect the different ideas that are present and create a good list of the ideas. Among the ideas, look at the ideas that you can back up by use of examples that are relevant and also by use of relevant facts. Amongst the ideas, use the ones that you can back up by use of the book.

  • Conduct research that is extensive

So that you can have a strong base before you start your writing. You are supposed to do some research. The first thing that you are supposed to do is to scan through the books and the blogs that relate to your main topic. The next step is you should think of what you want the readers to feel after reading your thematic statement.

  • Read other writers’ thematic statements.

When one reads someone else’s literally works, you can be able to reveal their thoughts and also their issues. A writer’s life interpretation, in most cases, is what they write in some of their literary works. So when you want to write a thematic statement, make sure that you properly read other writers’ thematic statements and have an idea of how other authors are writing their thematic statements.

  • Identify the areas of conflict.

In order to properly understand the themes, conflicts are usually important. This is because the conflicts are usually the ones that make the theme interesting. If you get to know the conflicts, then you get to have a better understanding of the theme.

  • Focus on the goal

One of the most important elements of your work is the thematic statement. This being important, then you are supposed to be brief when writing a thematic statement because all information is supposed to be mentioned in one sentence.

The thematic statement is supposed to communicate the message directly. No beating around the bush thus to not lose the thematic statement’s meaning.

  • Keep off from moral edict.

Here when writing a thematic statement, you are supposed to avoid telling people what they ought to do. Thus you should keep off from words like: should, must, and ought.

  • Avoid clinches

When writing a thematic statement, you should avoid clinches; thus, use the original statement in your thematic statement.

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Let us now Look at the thematic statement examples

Love thematic statement examples

  • Love can help us to be the best of ourselves
  • Love becomes dangerous if taken to extreme levels
  • Loving yourself no matter what can cause happiness in your life.

Identity thematic statement examples

  • It takes personal faith to succeed in some things
  • Others can only accept you if you only accept yourself
  • As you discover more about who you are, you realize that identity is not personal.
  • Life becomes much easier if you personally stay true to yourself

Fear thematic statement examples

  • Fear itself is the biggest thing to fear about
  • Fear is just a state of mind
  • Fear is even more dangerous than danger itself

Racism thematic examples

  • Fear is replacing racism: fear is superior and is Lesly driven by superiority.
  • Racism is often held under pretext of “them” vs. “us”

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