How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph

Guide on how to write an effective conclusion

In order to deliver winning essays, college and university students at large need to internalize and master the art of writing an effective and winning conclusion. In the same manner that they have mastered how to correctly write thesis statement, how to write an effective introduction, and how to perfectly end a paragraph, students should also master how to write an effective conclusion.

In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of a good conclusion. We are also going to view the structure of a conclusion, examples of effective conclusions, and templates of a good conclusion. All this is going to help us familiarize ourselves with how to write and effective conclusion. Always remember that at any point you are stuck when writing an academic essay, you can get assistance from professional writers.

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So let us now dive deep into the case at hand.

Let us take a look at today’s primary objective.

What is a conclusion, and is a conclusion paragraph important?

A conclusion is the last paragraph of an essay, and it is also the one that informs the reader that we are coming to an end. In conclusion, the main aim is to wrap up the arguments and main points through a short text. A conclusion is written in a clear but brief summary that presents all the arguments mentioned in the essay all together at once. In the US, many professors expect to see the thesis statement that is presented in a student’s work being backed up with additional analysis and evidence. The conclusion paragraph is important because it makes the audience and the reader come closer and align themselves with the vision of the author. When writing a conclusion, one is supposed to reflect on the thesis statement and give evidence if the aim of the essay has been accomplished. The author is supposed to reflect in-depth, and use the strategic skills of thinking when writing a conclusion paragraph for a research paper.

When writing a conclusion, the last sentence of the conclusion paragraph is supposed to aim at either the readers to take more action and continue with the investigation or call the audience to action. The last sentence of the conclusion paragraph can also be used to impact some inspiration to the audience. When writing a conclusion paragraph, the knowledge of how to finish the last step of writing an essay may be through the use of assumptions and through the display of emotions where possible.

Tricks for writing a winning conclusion

Due to the length limit of an essay, most students find it difficult to write an effective detailed conclusion. The word limit in most essays tends to be a barrier to writing a good, and effective conclusion. When you simply take a conclusion as something that is not that hard, then you are going to create good conclusion paragraphs. In conclusion, you are strictly advised that you should never add any new information to this section. Your main aim is to sum up, all the important information, main points, and main arguments in your essay in brief few sentences that are direct to the point.

Below is a procedure to follow in order to write a successful conclusion:

  1. As you begin your conclusion, you can begin with a brief summary of the main arguments in your essay. Then state if the purpose of the arguments and points presented was full filled.
  2. Here you can tell the reader to take note of the additional reading and more investigation on the matter at hand.
  3. At this point, show the reader that you know what you are talking about by portraying confidence. Thus your choice of words should always portray confidence to the reader.
  4. Restate the thesis statement of your essay. Each sentence that you state, back it up with relevant information
  5. To make the audience think about the matter, insert a question that is open ended.

Things that you should keep off from when writing a conclusion

Below are some tips that you will use to write a successful conclusion. The tips are provided by protutorservices professional writers.

You  should never add any new information to the conclusion. The conclusion information is supposed to be a repetition of what has been said in the paragraphs of the body. Take, for instance, that you were talking about global warming and how this can be resolved. You are not supposed to write any new information in the conclusion to say how global warming can be resolved.

Since it is evident that you have come to the end of your essay, using of the words “summing up” or the words “in conclusion” is not that necessary.

In the conclusion part, make sure that you present five points that are from the body paragraphs of the essay. Sum up the five points and give a clear picture to the audience in regard to the points in the body paragraphs.

At the conclusion, as you are writing the final part of the essay, you should be careful as not to be over-emotional.

A conclusion and a the summary are supposed to be the same. This is supposed to always be at the back of your mind as you are writing a conclusion paragraph.

As you are writing a conclusion, you should try your best to sound as professional as possible. You should express your opinions as a veteran writer.

When writing a conclusion, what are the useful phrases to use?

As your professor is reading your essay and notice some phrases being properly used, they tend to be impressed with your work and thus award you a better score.

Below are some phrases that portray professionalism in your essay:

  • Booth camps study opinions show that…
  • The research implements makes it possible to conclude that…
  • I would love to once again emphasize that…

The above conclusion templates show how you can end your conclusion effectively. You just have to give a clear thesis statement restate, and also the main points. Let us know move into the actual samples.

Examples of effective conclusions from our professionals

An article analysis conclusion:

I concluded that the views of Jack Sanders in his article were biased because of the navy service years that he spent and how his personality changed. The ethic standards are supposed to adhere to the principles that are morally common, and the medium of environment that is locked is not supposed to exist. My personal opinion is that one is supposed to be free and think freely away from one’s comfort zone. This freedom is the one that will impact one to change their behavior.

Law research paper conclusion:

Analyzing the arguments provided, it is right to say that all the persons that were involved in the case in the court of the people of Chicago and Bunbury being present was a motive. The number of breaks that were the experienced during the case was due to the extra pressure that was exerted by financial issues. It’s sad how the powerful people still control the structures of the legistriture

There are no past hearings revisions unfortunately. The case will still remain an open case due to the system inability to be transparent.

Personal reflection conclusion

I did not only see structural patterns in construction but also the architectural design by visiting the St. Mathew’s church. I witnessed construction culture that was from decades ago. The cultural monuments and traditional customs help us to come, to gather and reflect our past that is one thing that I leant from this tour. I have been inspired to start off a research on the forgotten monument which are near and around me and to also keep on visiting more historical sites. As an architect there are many ways that we can preserve our culture and contribute to the growth of the local culture.

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