Guide on how to write an introduction speech

Below are some of the main things that we are going to talk about in this article

  • The meaning of an introduction speech
  • The outline for an introduction speech
  •  The first step to take when writing an introduction speech
  • How to conclude an introduction speech
  • Speech topics in the introduction speech
  • Good examples for an introduction speech

Speech writing and preparation are usually different from other types of writing. When writing an introduction speech, your main aim is to convince the target audience in a manner that is logical through the use of good, logical, and exciting ideas to be on the same said of your arguments. By doing this, you are going to need evidence that is solid in proving your point of view. To make your introduction speech a winning and outstanding piece, you will need to have an organized argument.

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The introduction in your introduction speech will always be a good opportunity that you should always take advantage of to clearly state your main topic. This is going to help the target audience of your introduction speech to know the speech’s importance.

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The meaning of an introduction speech

In simpler terms, a way through which you can introduce yourself is also referred to as an introduction speech. This is a way through which a speaker introduces his/herself to the target audience. The main aim of the introduction speech is to capture the attention of the audience and express the speaker’s credibility.

When one is meeting a large group of people, one often gets nervous about the things to talk about to the audience. Thus the introduction speech comprises some of the elements that are common in the introduction. It is also made up of elements that are commonly portrayed by two people when they first meet.

The other thing that one should know when he/she is composing the introduction speech is that they have to get personal when they are speaking to the audience. This is also supposed to be done when you are introducing the main guest speaker. An introduction speech is among the many types of speeches that we use in communicating in our day-to-day lives. Thus knowing the pros and cons of this speech is very important.

Introduction speeches

Outline for an introduction speech

Below are the three sections that makeup the introduction speech Learn more

The introduction for an introduction speech

This section is the first thing that should appear in your paper. Below we’ve presented some of the elements that a good introduction is supposed to consist of:

  • Greetings from the audience
  • In order to build up credibility, tell your name to the audience and your experience
  • By use of an interesting hook, gain the audience’s attention
  • Use a thesis statement that is strong and effective
  • To the audience, state your main topic and give it relevance and why it is so important to discuss it.
  • Then state the main ideas that make up your introduction speech.

The main body of the introduction speech

Here in this section of the introduction speech, you are supposed to discuss the major ideas of the main topic in your introduction speech and back up the ideas through the use of relevant examples and credible evidence. In order to have a chronological and logical flow of the paragraphs and ideas, use transition words.

The main body of the speech introduction follows the below format

  • 1st subtopic, support it through the use of evidence.
  • Use a transition word
  • 2nd subtopic, use evidence to back the subtopic
  • Transition
  • For the 3rd subtopic, use evidence to back the last subtopic
  • Then lastly transition

The conclusion of an introduction speech

This is always the last section of an introduction speech. This section, in addition, gives the writer the last chance to the audience to relate the topic at hand.

For your introduction speech’s conclusion to be effective, it has to consist of the following elements:

  • You are to at all times supposed to restate the thesis statement
  • Give a summary of the whole speech.
  • Give a closing statement so that will help you to attract the audience.

Take a look at the document below, In order for you to have a clear idea of how to write a good introduction speech.

Introduction speech outline.

How to begin an introduction speech

Below are tips to help you on how to write an effective introduction speech

  • Use a relevant quotation

The use of a relevant quotes in the opening of an introduction speech will enable you to set the pace for your introduction speech. It is also going to help you in setting the tone of the speech.

Below is an example:

“Personally, it will take me 3 weeks to make an effective impromptu speech.”  Mark Twain

  • Taking advantage of the “what if”

This is an effective technique. You are supposed to use it by standing in front of the audience and asking them the “what if” question. This is going to help the audience to follow the throw out process.

Below is an example of how to use the “what if” scenario that you can apply in your introduction speech

“What would happen if one day you woke up a found nobody in the whole world?”

  • Use the ” imagine scenario.”

Use this scenario when you are starting the writing of your speech. It is the same as the “what if”

Give the audience a chance to visualize the situation.

“Put into imagination that you jumped from a plane as a skydiver and in the middle of the way you realize that the parachute is not working. Imagine you’re thoughts at that particular situation. Imagine your behavior and how you would land”. 

  • Ask a literal or a rhetorical question.

Impose a literal or a rhetorical question to the target audience. This is going to help the audience to try and generate an answer; thus, you have grabbed the attention of the audience.

Below is an example of how to use a rhetorical question from the target audience

“Who does not want to live in an island that is exotic?”

  • Use a strong statement.

Using a strong statement is going to help you in the catching the attention of the audience. A strong statement in your introduction speech is going to confuse the audience. This is because it is going to help you in keeping them confused on what you are about to say next. After using a strong statement, then use of the silence technique also going further contribute to the strong statement’s effectiveness.

Below is an example of how you can use a strong statement in your introduction speech.

“We can’t win. We cannot win…”

Pause for a moment

“… This is what every news channel is saying in the whole nation.”

Steps of writing a winning and effective introduction speech

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Let us know look at how to write an effective introduction

Now that you know the elements to use in your introduction speech, you might be wondering about the steps of how you can write an introduction speech.

  1. First, greet the audience.

In accordance with the time of the day that you are giving the speech, you are supposed to first greet the audience. This is going to give the audience that the speech is targeting, an impression that is impressive.

When one does not greet the audience, they are going to have a distant feeling from you. Thus you should not immediately start the speech. This may also cause the audience to ignore you in the rest of your introduction speech.

  • The second thing is to tell the audience your name and the essence of your speech.

In this section, you are supposed to introduce yourself to the audience. Give the audience your name, your occupation, your age, and the main aim of the introduction speech. By doing this, you are going to build your credibility with the reader.

  • The third thing is to add humor to the speech.

This is going to make your introduction speech more interesting to the audience and thus capture their attention. Humor, in most cases, is always a good way that you can entertain the readers.

You should also be careful as to where you are stating your jokes, as some people may find this offensive to them.

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  • In accordance with your main topic, state four problems

When you are writing an introduction speech. It is always advisable to state the problems of your main topic.

  • Share the content and facts of your main topic with the audience.

This is advisable as you are writing an interesting topic. You can also use the words like “we” and “you” to help them understand your main topic in a clear manner.

  • Add statistical information that are relevant to the topic at hand.

Use statistics that are relevant to the introduction essay’s main topic. The statistics must be credible and factual. By doing this, you are going to help the audience have a better understanding of your message and give them something to relate to. This is also going to trigger the emotional appeal of the audience.

  • Give a summary of the speech in a very brief manner

This happens in the concluding part of the essay. This will enable you to explain what the essay is all about and why the essay is so important. This will also help the audience to relate to what you are talking about.

  • Start by writing of the actual speech.

Start the actual body of the speech. Do this if you have only followed the above steps.

Put relevant evidence and example to use and back up your arguments and claims in the thesis statement.

How can you can effectively conclude the introduction speech?

The steps below will help you to effectively end your introduction speech

  1. The major arguments, summarize them

You are supposed to end your speech by summarizing the major arguments. This is going to help in clearing the air on the things that the audience may have misunderstood. In addition, this is also going to help the audience remember the speech and what it was all about.

  • Mention the closing statement.

In order to keep the audience on their toes and engaged, always mention the closing statement in the collusion part of your introduction speech.

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  • Proofread you work

After writing your introduction essay, take a mental break for about an hour or so and then proofread your work. This will help you to correct all the unnecessary errors that you could have made.

You should also read the introduction speech out loud to impose check whether the arguments have been conveyed properly. By reading the speech out loud you will also be able to know if the arguments in the speech are logical.

You can also ask a colleague to read the introduction speech to check whether it is convincing and whether it makes sense.

Below are the tips and tricks for writing an effective introduction speech.

  • Pick a topic that is unique to write about in your introduction speech.
  • Begin your introduction speech with an impressive hook
  • Focus on airing out the main topic clearly
  • Use some visuals in order to portray a better understanding. The visuals can be pictures, maps, or even graphs.

Ideas or topics you can use in your introduction speech

  • The effects of women in bodybuilding
  • What do you hate most
  • The effects of drugs abuse
  • How to become successful in one’s academics
  • Your best hobbies
  • What distinguishes you from other people?
  • What are the interesting facts about you?
  • That one time you struggled in the making and creating of a new effective skill in you.

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