how to write a thesis statement complete guide

Guide on how to write strong thesis statements

A thesis statement is a sentence that is found in the following sections of an essay:

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The reason why you are viewing this article is because you probably want to learn how to a strong thesis statement.

A thesis statement is essential when you are writing any type of essay, whether compare/contrast essay, an informative essay, or an argumentative essay, and you will need to write a thesis statement in your essay. When you write an essay that does not have a thesis statement, the argument you are trying to present is going to fall flat. The content of the essay is also going to seem unrealistic to the reader. By saying this, it clearly indicates that the thesis statements is important in essay writing. Thus you need to check on some tips and tricks on how to create an effective thesis statement.

Below are some of the things we are going to look at in this article:

  1. The meaning of a thesis statement

What do we mean by the words thesis statement?

If you visit to learn about a thesis statement, then it is evident that you are at a higher level of learning. Thus the word thesis is not a new word to you. Before one graduates, a thesis is a final paper that one undertakes. These types of papers are common to senior students. Know that we have talked about a thesis, you might be thinking of that paper that final students usually write. Sorry to say that when we are talking about a thesis statement, we are not talking about this paper. Well, thesis statement paper is usually lengthy. This type of paper may take even years to be placed together.

Now at this point of the article, we are talking about a thesis that is in a single sentence. This single sentence ties together the main idea that the main argument in an essay is being presented. In simpler terms, a thesis statement is a statement that declares one position in accordance with the topics being discussed. The thesis statement is very important because it tells the reader whether your essay is something worth reading.

Persuasive thesis statement VS. Informative thesis statement

In the same manner that there are different types of essays, there are also different types of thesis statements. When one is writing a thesis statement, one should always put at the back of your mind that the essay and the thesis statement must match.


When a student is writing an informative essay, he/she is supposed to write an informative thesis. This is supposed to be applied as the thesis statement is not supposed to be argumentative. This is because when you are writing an informative essay, your main aim is to guide the reader toward the conclusion that you are trying to make.

Example of a strong thesis statement:

When making a sandwich of pennant butter and jelly, you have to procure the two elements and spread the ingredients with the use of a knife.

The thesis statement above can be considered a strong thesis because it gives the reader the main topic, which is the sand witch. The ingredients to be used and how they will be spread through the use of a knife.

In other types of essays, whether argumentative, narrative, or compare and contrast essays, the thesis statement is also supposed to make a mark when arguing the major points. In simpler words, if the purpose of your essay is to just give information, then the thesis statement is supposed to be persuasive thesis statement.

Thus, a persuasive thesis statement is comprised of the reason why you support your opinion, and it contains an opinion.

Example of an effective persuasive thesis statement:

The reason why peanut sandwiches are the best is that they are easy to make and versatile.

In this persuasive thesis statement, it is obvious why the above thesis statement is effective. In the thesis statement, the main opinion is stated, which shows that I have picked a stance. I give an explanation of why I took that stance by use of the reasons that I stated above.

The thesis statement styles

In the same manner that there are different types of thesis statements, there are also two styles of a thesis statements.

When writing about the thesis statement style, one of them uses more than two points. This type of thesis statement fits perfectly when one is writing on an essay that contains only three paragraphs at most. The standard 5-paragraph is not a match for this thesis statement.

For example:

Even when the readers do have the CS Lewis Chronicles series of Narnia teaches people to have faith. This is amongst the best works that were done in the 20th century. The series has a lot of characters that are vibrant, and it contains a host who is also vibrant.

In the persuasive speech above, you can see how I have stated my point and supported my point by use of various reasons. For a 5-paragraph essay, this thesis statement can be perfect.

In the college level of learning, the writing of a 5-paragraph essay isn’t that common, and by this, students know are writing longer essays that are lengthy. Thus when you are writing a thesis statement for an essay that is long, you will need to write a thesis statement that is more versatile. You can write a thesis statement that touches on all the important points that are mentioned in each of the body paragraphs.

Below is an example of how this type of thesis statement can be effectively written:

In the series written by Lewis Narnia, the main theme is GOOD vs. EVIL. The struggle’s that the main character face makes the main themes clear.

Through my reasoning, I have made a claim on the series written by Narnia. Through the broader scope of the thesis evident in the series, it gives me a chance to write on each of the series. I do not have a limit on how many paragraphs of the body I can use.

Guide on how to write an effective thesis statement

Argumentative thesis statement

Having a clear template is one thing that students have to know about in order to write an effective strong thesis statement. The template is usually helpful. The below template is going to help you create a thesis statement easily.

 _______________ it’s true because of ____________, ___________, and _____________.

 The above template of a thesis statement can only be used to express only one point.

 _______________it is true to say that______________________________________.

 The above thesis statement template can be used by college students that are writing lengthy                                    essays.

Having a template to follow when writing a thesis statement is usually advisable, as this will make your work more easily. Students can also use other words. You should not compel yourself to the above words when creating your thesis statement. Explore and be creative when writing a thesis statement.

The qualities of a solid thesis statement

When one is writing a thesis statement, one should also put into consideration other factors that will make your thesis statement more compelling. These factors position the essay you are writing, the length of the essay you are writing, and how strongly do you want to make your thesis statement.

Let us know fully to discuss these factors.

Position: at the start of an essay, this is where you should include a thesis statement. The reason as to why the thesis statement is important and why it is supposed to be placed at the beginning of the essay is because it gives the reader information on what the essay is all about. You should always try to make the thesis statement one sentence that contains the opinion and the reasons. It should be about 30 to 40 words in length.

Length: depending on the number of points the thesis statement has mentioned, the thesis statement can be either long or short. It should be about 30 to 40 words in length.

Strength: the thesis statement is supposed to be strong, especially a persuasive thesis statement. The thesis statement must be arguable.

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